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Intelligent Cars (02:21)


Today, intelligent cars use satellite navigation; computers monitor almost every aspect of performance, and in a breakdown, the car phones a shop and reports what has gone wrong. An electronic system design must pass four tests.

Electronic System Design: Requirements (02:16)

The electronic system process follows a tried and tested formula. The first element of the formula is to determine the system's requirements. Designers must be involved in market and technical research. The requirements are combined into a design brief.

Electronic System Design: Design (04:02)

Modern car manufacture is a global component-based industry. The design team must source the components specified by the requirements and then design a system that links components. Sophisticated computer software is vital to the design team.

Interfaces and Change Control (02:12)

Design changes must be communicated to all the people with whom the design team interfaces. Designing different aspects of a project simultaneously is called concurrent engineering. Computer technology is essential to the design process.

Electronic System Design: Component Testing (02:31)

Testing is a vital part of component development. Components are tested as soon as they are available. Virtual testing is a necessity. Components must also be tested in extreme conditions that cars might face.

Electronic System Design: System Testing (02:39)

Once components and modules have passed all the environmental tests. Components are assembled on a "bread board." The system undergoes hundreds of tests. The system must be tested in the same extreme conditions that a car might face.

Electronic System Design: Manufacture (02:35)

Components from all over the world arrive at the assembly plant. Specialized machines make assembling each car efficient. Quality control is crucial to the manufacturing process. Nearly five years into the process, the first intelligent cars are ready for the market place.

Credits: "Transport: The Electronic Future" (00:28)

Credits: "Transport: The Electronic Future"

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Imagine driving in complete darkness without worry—thanks to a virtual picture of the road projected on the windshield. It’s an existing technology, not science fiction! With unprecedented access to top-flight engineering projects that are integral to the design of Jaguar cars, this program shows how electronics are taking the art and science of driving into the future. Viewers learn how digital control systems, CAD, and CAM, are used throughout a car’s design, testing, and manufacture. An illustration of the design method known as concurrent engineering shows how this technique has drastically cut down time between design and production. A range of test procedures are shown, some carried out by simulations, others by building mock-ups that reveal how parts of the car interact with each other. Part of the series Understanding Electronics. (20 minutes)

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