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Virtually Perfect? (03:21)


State-of-the-art flight instruction of civilian aircraft pilots relies on simulators. They work by linking the output controls in an aircraft to computer-generated landscapes. Static versions are also cost-effective design tools.

Electronics and Flight (06:31)

New fighter and civil airplanes rely on only one person to fly them. Massive amounts of information in the cockpit must be displayed so the pilot can take it all in under strenuous conditions. New technology such as voice recognition solves some of the problems.

Just in Time... (06:46)

In a world where profit is king, the only way to stay ahead of the game is to be the most efficient. In a factory, an electronic automatic replenishment system keeps stock levels at a minimum. The system is featured in a real-time situation.

Credits: Industry Applications: Two Electronics Case Studies (00:21)

Credits: Industry Applications: Two Electronics Case Studies

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Industry Applications: Two Electronics Case Studies

Part of the Series : Understanding Electronics
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From the minutiae of warehouse inventories to the training programs of the aeronautics industry, this program focuses on commercial applications for high-tech electronic systems. Two in-depth case studies are used. The first showcases a HUD or “head-up” display developed by British Aerospace Engineering, used in state-of-the-art flight instruction of civilian aircraft pilots. The second case study examines a stock control system that is revolutionizing manufacturing. Outlining how stock control has traditionally worked, the segment explores electronic automatic replenishment, load cells and the design of load sensors, multiplexing data and the factors that need to be monitored, and keeping track of stock through the computer interface. Part of the series Understanding Electronics. (20 minutes)

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