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Electronics and Power to Create (00:50)


Electronics is about giving people the power to create and modify new environments; to see beyond conventional boundaries; to be competitive; and to produce affordable products of the right quality and quantity.

Hard-Wired (04:18)

Viewers learn how a telephone networks communication. The need for greater capacity of wire networks resulted in fiber optic cables that channel light.

Power of Light and Data Transmission (02:51)

Light can send massive amounts of information between major phone exchanges. Ultimately light is changed into electrical signals.

Multiple-Frequency Photonics (02:47)

Multiple-frequency photonics has revolutionized the telecommunications industry. Data rates have increased dramatically. Cost savings to the industry are significant.

Hands Free (02:00)

Radio waves are a form of electromagnetic radiation with frequencies ranging from 0 Hertz to hundreds GHz. Whether a mobile phone or TV station, all transmitters work in the same way.

Vehicles: Onboard Technology (02:50)

The functions and features of a mobile phone can be embedded in a vehicle. This makes it possible for data from the car to be transmitted to the outside world. Cars can receive data from external sensors.

Growth of Technology (00:57)

As the data pipeline linking cars with the outside world continues to grow, so too is the technology on board. For example, sensors can monitor the wear and tear on engine parts and tires.

Credits:Communications: Wireless and Fiber Optics (00:18)

Credits:Communications: Wireless and Fiber Optics

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Communications: Wireless and Fiber Optics

Part of the Series : Understanding Electronics
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From spoken-word conversations to real-time video, a dazzling array of communications options are now available at the touch (or click) of a button. This video explores the concepts and technologies at the heart of fiber-optic communications. Demonstrations and discussions focus on basic principles of telephone systems and state-of-the-art optical technology; distances that light can travel through glass fiber as shown on a massive drum of cable; how the capacity of fiber-optic cable is continually growing; the emerging role of phototonic switches; the use of radio wave links and 3G technology in automotive communications systems; bus and module communications systems; GPS updates, and the monitoring of wear and tear as well as maintenance requirements in automotive technology. Part of the series Understanding Electronics. (20 minutes)

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