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Power of Electronics (01:40)


Electronics is about giving people the power to create and modify new environments; to see beyond conventional boundaries; to be competitive; and to produce affordable products of the right quality and quantity.

Shocking Technology! (08:19)

The beat of a normal heart is its sinus rhythm. A heart in fast, abnormal rhythm is in ventricular tachycardia. Electrical shock restores the heart's normal beat. An aluminum electrolytic capacitor makes this possible. This device is featured.

Inner Vision (05:31)

An MRI scanner is capable of looking inside the human body and producing images of incredible quality. The basic mechanism for this technology is the same as that for generating electricity (Faraday's Law). In the MRI process, the patient is magnetized.

Credits: "Health Care Applications: Electronics in Medical Imaging" (00:17)

Credits: "Health Care Applications: Electronics in Medical Imaging"

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Health Care Applications: Electronics in Medical Imaging

Part of the Series : Understanding Electronics
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Nothing can replace the skills of good doctors and nurses, but without digital technology and advanced electronic systems, the field of medicine would soon collapse. X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRI and PET imaging all use electronics to map different aspects of the human body and convert the information into a visual format. This program visits one of the world’s leading research centers in medical imaging and explores the ins and outs of electronic health care technology, including the signals used, both digital and analog; how those signals are received, amplified, and transferred to a computer; how the information is converted to produce various images; and how other electronic applications are used in health care. Part of the series Understanding Electronics. (20 minutes)

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