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Diagnosis and Labeling: Introduction (03:21)


This video addresses the impact of diagnostic labeling, hospitalization, and medication. Melissa Hensley describes a healthcare professional who determined it was not worth it to keep her hospitalized. Sheila Hansen shares a poem expressing her experience with mental illness.

Learned Helplessness (03:59)

Cali Carpenter describes feeling hopeless upon receiving a guarded prognosis. Later, when she received a new diagnosis that made more sense to her, she felt empowered to follow her goals.

Stereotypic Treatment (03:50)

In the ER, Hensley encountered a doctor who discriminated against her, based on her diagnosis. Healthcare providers interpreted her genuine requests for help as seeking attention; she internalized this over time and became afraid to appear needy.

Case Management Role Play (02:03)

Carpenter models a way for mental health practitioners to address her behavior directly, rather than applying a negative behavioral label.

Medication Challenges (01:49)

Hansen discusses negative side effects, including weight gain and toxicity.

Becoming a Medical Advocate (03:26)

House manager Brook Sutherland knew Carpenter's behavior was induced by improper medication. She describes the fight to get healthcare professionals to listen to her and evaluate Carpenter's drug regimen.

Being Hospitalized (02:56)

Tensions occur between patient autonomy and paternalistic decisions. Carpenter was forbidden from wearing her favorite overalls. Hensley convinced staff to let her wear a tank top under her hospital gown while receiving ECT.

Power Issues in Mental Health (02:16)

Carpenter feels that her medical issues are overlooked, due to her mental illness. Hensley discusses the danger of social workers believing they are powerless over clients' lives.

Dealing with a "Diminished" Life (02:58)

Hansen believes she has lost years of her life due to mental illness, but feels her recovery has been an accomplishment. Hensley copes with memory loss by focusing on the present.

Mental Health Consumer Strengths (03:32)

Carpenter, Hensley, and Hansen reflect on their tenacity, articulation, intelligence, love of animals, ability to provide feedback, and desire to help others.

Credits: The Lived Experience of Mental Health: Diagnosis, Labelling, Hospitalization and Medication (00:43)

Credits: The Lived Experience of Mental Health: Diagnosis, Labelling, Hospitalization and Medication

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The Lived Experience of Mental Health: Diagnosis, Labelling, Hospitalization and Medication

Part of the Series : Mental Heatlh Services: How Consumers of Mental Health React
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In this program, three consumers of mental health services describe their experiences with the processes of diagnosis, labelling, hospitalization, and medication. Their insights can assist helpers in understanding their lived experience.

Length: 31 minutes

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