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Family Counseling Session (05:19)


Ronald Rooney asks Mrs. Kessel and her teenage daughter Christine about their willingness to remain in the same home and enter a home-based service contract. Counseling will help them address relationship concerns, but will not solve all their problems.

Identifying Major Issues (07:56)

Kessel is concerned about Christine's truancy, curfew violations, unpleasant attitude, and choice of friends. Christine resents her mother's criticism of her friends and having to care for her younger brother while she goes on dates.

Addressing Trust (03:44)

Kessel discusses Christine's habitual lying; Christine does not trust her mother with her friends. Kessel needs Christine to listen to her and follow rules in the home. They agree to talk about each other's concerns.

Forming a Verbal Contract (05:45)

Rooney outlines Kessel's options for improving her relationship with Christine; both will have to make changes if they work with home-based services. Kessel is skeptical that it will be effective but sees no other choice.

Establishing Curfew (07:30)

Kessel wants Christine back by ten, but does not ask where she has been. Christine says she has good reasons for violating curfew. Rooney tasks Kessel with writing down her rules and Christine with writing down her understanding of them.

New Relational Pattern Experiment (13:49)

Kessel says grounding Christine and assigning household chores have become ineffective; she has resorted to yelling. Christine agrees to meet her curfew for three weeknights. Kessel agrees to reward behavioral improvement by letting her invite a friend over.

Reviewing Client Agreement (07:14)

Rooney asks Christine and her mother to repeat the terms of their curfew and reward experiment. They establish specific boundaries for Christine having a friend over, if she meets her commitment. They both feel the assignment is fair.

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Contracting for Home-Based Services

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Family-centered, home-based services are usually designed to prevent out-of-home placement. This program follows the contracting process with a mother and daughter. It addresses involuntary and task-centered practice.

Length: 52 minutes

Item#: BVL194909

ISBN: 978-1-64867-430-3

Copyright date: ©1997

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