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Introduction: The Art of Helen Chadwick (03:52)


Experts discuss attending Chadwick's funeral. This episode will celebrate her art and life, using her own words and those from friends.

"The Labours" (03:10)

During an interview with The British Library's "Artists' Lives Oral History" project, Chadwick recalls how her parents met and her interest in archaeology.

"3 Experiments with Video" (02:33)

Women dressed in sculptural erotic artifacts and then performed; latex represented old skin. Other installations highlighted included "Train of Thought" and "In the Kitchen."

"Ego Geometria Sum" (03:01)

Chadwick describes how she wanted to create an autobiographical installation using wood. Friends discuss the artists organizational skills.

"The Oral Court" (08:03)

Buck describes how Chadwick gained notoriety and respectability from the "Of Mutability" exhibition. Chadwick describes her inspirations. See archival footage of Chadwick creating the work.

"Carcass" (05:04)

Chadwick refills her tower of rotting vegetable matter daily and collects domestic compost for nine months. The fermentation process makes the lower levels bubble constantly. Experts discuss her issues with feminism.

"Blood Hyphen" (02:53)

Chadwick incorporates the space above the false ceiling in the Woodbridge Chapel and a cervical smear test. Mark Sladen discusses the spiritual and medical inspirations from the space.

"Viral Landscape" Series (08:06)

Chadwick incorporates photographs of the coastline with images of her body tissue. Experts describe how the AIDs epidemic influenced the series. The artist works with meat from a butcher's shop to create lamps.

"Piss Flowers" (02:36)

Chadwick incorporates her love life into an exhibition. She and her partner would urinate in the snow and then pour plaster in the cavities created. Experts discuss the installation's symbolism.

"Cacao" (05:55)

Notarius describes how he refills the chocolate in the fountain. Experts discuss the phallic imagery and influences behind the sculpture. Flowers encircle household fluids in the "Wreaths to Pleasure" series.

"Eve" (08:39)

Chadwick discusses collaborating on an animated sculpture at "Real World." "Nebula" is part of the "Unnatural Selection" exhibition. Her final work consists of embryos discarded from in-vitro fertilization procedures.

Credits: The Art of Helen Chadwick (00:47)

Credits: The Art of Helen Chadwick

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The Art of Helen Chadwick

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Until her unexpected death in 1996, Helen Chadwick was amongst the most sparkling, provocative and distinctive of artists. Her sensual and rigorously intellectual works explore desire, sexuality amd the body. Produced alongside a major retrospective exhibition, organised by London’s Barbican Art Gallery, this film provides a rare opportunity to to reflect on her art. Important installations are featured, such as Ego Geometria Sum, which uses photographs of her own naked body, and the Baroque fantasy The Oval Court, as well as more controversial pieces, including Cacao, a fountain of hot bubbling chocolate, and the Piss Flowers, sculptures made by casting the holes left after urinating in snow.

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‘This understated, perfectly judged film from the ever-reliable Illuminations stable provides a fitting memorial for the artist… the work rather than the life is thankfully the main focus , and much of it is stunning.’ Time Out

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