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"One and Other" (03:49)


"The Angel of the North" is Great Britain's best-known and loved modern artwork. In 100 days, 2,400 people will occupy the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square for an hour. Artichoke and Antony Gormley are teaming up to make this installation successful.

About the Artist (03:24)

Gormley won the Turner Prize and has been elected a Royal Academician. His work featured casts of his own body in select locations across Great Britain. The fourth plinth remained empty until the 21st century when commissioned temporary artworks were shown.

Conversation with the British Public (05:44)

"One and Other" turns a static art piece into performance art. Individuals plan their contribution on the fourth plinth. Gormley discusses "Bed," "Mother's Pride," and "Floor."

Investigating Human Experience (04:11)

Gormley discusses casting his own body as an example of a collective human condition. Taking it a step further, Gormley invites other to inhabit the space of the fourth plinth and become part of a global work of art.

"Angel of the North" (04:01)

Experts discuss Gormley's transition from private collections into public art spaces. It expresses a hope and faith for the future. In "Field" everyone makes human figures out of clay.

"Field" (03:23)

Tim Marlow discusses the series of art that originated with a group of bricklayers in Mexico. The image of a utopian globalized society expresses anxiety about the kind of world that will be bequeathed to future generations.

"Allotment" (05:44)

After gathering the measurements of 300 people, Gormley constructs body cases in concrete that represent a particular moment in time. Thirty-one life-size and anatomically correct figures comprise "Event Horizon," installed along London's South Bank.

Event and Installation (03:17)

Gormley describes the web cameras installed on the fourth plinth. Experts discuss technical difficulties in making "One and Other." Plans include a welcome center and eight staff members per shift.

"Domain Field" (04:51)

Gormley molded and plastered 287 individuals from Newcastle; the Baltic Center for Contemporary Art first exhibited the work. Volunteers became part of a new sculptural community.

Participation of the Viewer (04:11)

Experts discuss previous works that led to "One and Other." Encouraging everyone to be creative is difficult. Reality TV is Gormley's inspiration.

"One and Other" Participants (03:52)

"Plinthers" are selected at random; the sole criteria is that the geographical spread matches the population of Britain. Gormley does not want any bias based on suitability. Potential candidates describe what they would do in their hour.

Credits: The Art of Antony Gormley (00:51)

Credits: The Art of Antony Gormley

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‘It’s a simple proposition. We need one hour of your time. You decide what to do with it. What will unfold is completely unpredictable. We are literally going public. We are putting the Plinth in your hands – or literally under your feet!’ – Antony Gormley. In the summer of 2009, artist Antony Gormley, previously best known for his iconic Angel of the North, created One & Other, a unique portrait of contemporary Britain. Across 100 days, 2,400 volunteers are spending an hour doing whatever they wish on the empty plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square. The artwork has immediately attracted debate, derision, controversy and an enthusiastic following. The Art of Antony Gormley features the documentary Antony Gormley & the 4th Plinth, produced for Sky Arts, which reveals the background to this living monument and explores its origins in the sculptor’s beautiful and mysterious art. Works created across more than two decades were filmed in HD for this visually sumptuous and thought-provoking documentary.

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