Segments in this Video

Perceptions of God (01:59)


Hindu Teens describe their individual perceptions of God.

Relating to God (01:26)

Hindu Teens describe the ways members of their families relate to God. Key terms include: bhajans, Ganesh, puja, meditation. spirituality, prayer, karma yoga, worship.

Hindu Beliefs (01:23)

Hindus believe there is one God, but multiple ways to see God. This is expressed in multiple dieties that represent certain qualities of God. Key vocabulary includes: Atman, Brahman, Bhagavadgita.

The Four Pathways: Bhakti (Devotion) (02:04)

Followers of Bhakti yoga link to God through devotion. This is an emotional path. Those who feel naturally drawn to God often prefer this path.

The Four Pathways: Jnana Yoga (Knowledge) (02:29)

Jnana yoga is the path of intellect. For those whose character is to use reason. Followers of this path develop the ability to discriminate between the real and the unreal.

The Four Pathways: Rajah (Contemplation) (01:28)

Rajah yoga pracitioners use meditation to control the body and mind through specific exercises.

The Four Pathways: Karma (Action) (01:37)

Practitioners of Karma yoga work to benefit society through action. This path is suited to active people.

What's the Best Pathway for You? (01:16)

Hindu teens talk about which of the four yogas suits them as individuals. They understand that each path is the "right" path and that mastering one is the same as mastering all.

Credits: Hindu Spiritual Pathways (00:18)

Credits: Hindu Spiritual Pathways

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In this program, four young Hindus define the Bhagavad Gita’s four paths to God, as each teen reflects on which path he or she feels the most affinity with: bhakti (eevotion), jnana (knowledge), rajah (contemplation), or karma (action). With feedback from experts such as Jay Lakhani, director of the Vivekananda Centre in London, the teens examine the practices and philosophies of the paths, explaining that Hinduism accommodates many ways to worship. The teens also touch on the concepts of Brahman and atman, and their families’ use of devotional music, meditation, and ritual to connect with the divine. (14 minutes)

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