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Project Debater (03:10)


The goal of IBM's AI system is to master the complexity of the human language. IBM Research Director Dario Gil explains what viewers will see in the upcoming debate and introduces Moderator John Donvan.

Debate "Housekeeping" (04:43)

Donvan discusses the history and vision of Intelligence Squared, and frames the debate on subsidizing preschool. He introduces debaters, Project Debater and Harish Natarajan.

Opening Statement For: Project Debater (04:19)

Subsidies encapsulate political, social, and moral issues and provide a means of development. Research indicates that quality preschool results in better long-term school performance and helps children overcome disadvantages associated with poverty.

Opening Statement Against: Harish Natarajan (04:43)

Debate Champion and Head of Economic Risk at AKE International, Natarajan states that preschool subsidization does not address underlying societal problems and is a politically motivated giveaway to the middle class. He cites criterion for subsidy distribution.

Statement Summary and Rebuttal Preparation (04:26)

Donvan summarizes opening arguments and introduces one of Project Debater's designers Noam Slonim. Slonim explains how the AI system prepares to make a rebuttal speech.

Rebuttal For: Project Debater (04:26)

Providing opportunities for the less fortunate is a moral obligation and state budgets have room for preschool subsidization; subsidies are not mutually exclusive. Preschool improves child development, helps student success, and can prevent future crime.

Rebuttal Against: Natarajan (04:30)

The aspects of poverty must be addressed, but preschool subsidization does not correct issues. The government has constraints on spending and subsides are better spent elsewhere.

Closing Statements For: Project Debater (02:14)

Subsidizing preschools would attract skilled professionals, improving quality. The benefits of subsidies outweigh potential disadvantages for the betterment of society.

Closing Statements Against: Natarajan (02:41)

Preschool is beneficial to many who attend, but a subsidy would primarily benefit the middle class. Natarajan cites the two-fold problem with preschool subsidization.

Technology and Humans (09:24)

Donvan instructs the audience to vote. Natarajan reflects on debating with Project Debater. Slonim and Ranit Aharonov discuss AI abilities and potential, framing the challenge, and debate function.

Voting Results (01:58)

Pre-debate For: 79% - Against: 13% - Undecided: 8% Post-debate For: 62% - Against: 30% - Undecided: 8%. Audience members determine that Project Debater better enriched their knowledge.

Credits: Preschool Should Be Subsidized: A Debate Featuring IBM Project Debater (00:08)

Credits: Preschool Should Be Subsidized: A Debate Featuring IBM Project Debater

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Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates has featured several debates on artificial intelligence (AI)—the risks, the rewards, and whether it can change the world. But this debate is unique: This time one of the debaters is AI itself—a machine. In partnership with IBM, Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates hosts a debate between a world-class human debate champion and an AI system. IBM Project Debater is the first AI system designed to debate humans on complex topics using a combination of pioneering technology developed by IBM researchers including data-driven speechwriting and delivery, listening comprehension, and modeling human dilemmas. First debuted in a small closed-door event in June 2018, Project Debater now faces its toughest opponent yet in front of it's largest-ever audience. The topic—should preschool be subsidized—was not be revealed to Project Debater and the champion human debater until shortly before the debate began. Following the debate, IBM scientists discuss the development of Project Debater.

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