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Introduction to Good Breathing (01:40)


Stephen Rosenholtz discusses the biologic function of breathing, to provide vitality via gas exchange. The chest and abdomen are responsible for lung movement. Students lie on their backs and breathe normally.

Breathing Exercise (04:30)

Students place a hand on their breastbone and feel the sternum and pressure on the floor. They hold the breath and push air into the abdomen before exhaling. Then, they place their hands on the lower abdomen and breathe into them.

See-Saw Breathing (05:04)

Students place one hand on the lower abdomen and place the other on the sternum. They breathe into the chest, push the air to expand the abdomen, and move it back to the chest. They become aware of the diaphragm.

Diagonal Breathing (02:52)

Students place the left hand on their upper left chest and right hand on the lower right abdomen. They breathe in on the left side and out on the right. Then, they inhale to the stomach and exhale from the ribs.

Prone Breathing (05:10)

Good breathing means developing the self to use all of our parts when needed. Students lie face down and feel the stomach and small floating ribs expand. They breathe into the chest, practice “see-saw” breathing, and practice diagonal breathing.

Breathing while Sitting (04:15)

Old patterns resurface subconsciously under stress. Students sit leaning back on their hands and practice abdominal and see-saw breathing.

Crossed Arm Breathing (05:13)

The intercostal muscles, abdomen and diaphragm do the breathing work. Students sit cross-legged and hold their ribs with opposite hands to feel the floating ribs. Then, they lie supine and assess breathing changes. Finally, they walk around the room.

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Lesson 3: What Is Good Breathing?

Part of the Series : The Feldenkrais Method®: Basic Lessons in Awareness Through Movement® — Series 2
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This program with Feldenkrais expert Stephen Rosenholtz focuses on chair and sitting and standing exercises for improving breathing.

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