Segments in this Video

Understanding Musculature (02:27)


Stephen Rosenholtz differentiates flexors from extensors and explains their relationship. Students lie on their back and roll the heels to sense movement in the hip joints. They roll the head from side to side, noticing which side is easier.

Knee Tilt (02:13)

Students stand their feet on the floor and tilt both knees to the left and back. They sense how the spine twists.

Arm Tilt (03:50)

Students lift their arms toward the ceiling with palms together. They tilt both arms to the right, sensing how the spine twists. Rosenholtz urges them to avoid becoming fatigued. They lower the arms and tilt knees to the left, noticing differences.

Opposite Knee and Arm Tilt (04:30)

Students tilt knees to the right and arms to the left. They sense how moving the chest to the left makes it easier to move the pelvis to the right.

Rocking Self Hug (08:41)

Flexors contract and tire quickly; extensors contract slowly but have endurance. Students cross their elbows over their chest and rock the chest and head from side to side. Then, they rock head and chest in opposite directions.

Crossed Leg Knee Tilt (05:01)

Students cross the right knee over the left knee and tilt the knees to the right. They lift the left shoulder and let it fall, and then the right shoulder. They alternate sides and then return to uncrossed knee tilts.

Body Assessment (02:15)

Students lie on their backs and rock heels and head from side to side. They notice differences since the beginning of the session. They stand and walk around the room, feeling shoulder and hip movement.

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Lesson 6: Flexors and Extensors — Tilt the Knees on the Back

Part of the Series : The Feldenkrais Method®: Basic Lessons in Awareness Through Movement® — Series 1
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This program with Feldenkrais expert Stephen Rosenholtz focuses on using floorwork to work on the knees.

Length: 30 minutes

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