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Defining Good Posture (02:54)


Humans have evolved to move quickly in the six cardinal directions. A neutral position requires unlocked knees, a relaxed stomach, and a mobile head. Students scan their bodies while lying on their backs.

Pelvic Tilt (03:30)

Students bend their legs, place their feet on the floor, and lift their tailbone to press the small of their back toward the floor. Rosenholtz instructs them to relax their abdominal muscles and focus on their head.

Pelvic Clock (04:59)

Students rotate their hips and tailbone in a circular movement, as if following numbers on a clock face. They imagine a small clock on the back of their head echoing the movement.

Hip Circles (05:24)

Rosenholtz instructs students to use the small of their back to trace from 10 to 2 on the pelvic clock, and then trace their tailbone from 4 to 8. They notice how their head moves as they trace the circle.

Pelvis-Head Connection (03:35)

Feldenkrais described the pelvis as a submarine engine and head as its periscope. Students sit with the soles of their feet together and move onto 6 of the pelvic clock to erect the spine. They move in a pelvic circle.

Forming New Neural Pathways (04:29)

Rosenholtz discusses how the Feldenkrais Method changes the brain. Students differentiate the head and pelvis, attempting to move them in opposite circular motions.

Assessing Posture Changes (03:48)

Students notice how the body feels in contact with the floor. They stand and walk around the room. Then, they sit on a chair and use the pelvic clock to find a neutral position.

Credits: Lesson 4: What is Good Posture? The Pelvic Clock (00:38)

Credits: Lesson 4: What is Good Posture? The Pelvic Clock

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Lesson 4: What is Good Posture? The Pelvic Clock

Part of the Series : The Feldenkrais Method®: Basic Lessons in Awareness Through Movement® — Series 1
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This program with Feldenkrais expert Stephen Rosenholtz focuses on using floorwork to learn good posture and perform the pelvic clock exercise.

Length: 30 minutes

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