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Learning through Movement (03:48)


Stephen Rosenholtz introduces Moshe Feldenkrais' self-improvement method. He instructs students to lie on their back, scan the body, and feel how they contact the floor.

Lifting the Head (03:25)

Rosenholtz instructs students to bend their legs, interlace fingers behind their head, and lift the head. He tells them to just imagine the movement, if it is painful. They should be aware of their gaze and breathing.

Elbow to Knee (03:58)

Rosenholtz instructs students to lie still and focus on their breathing. Then they lift the head while lifting one knee, bringing the elbow on the same side toward it. The quality of movement is more important than the range.

Training the Brain (05:20)

If a movement is painful, students should reduce it and imagine the full range of motion. Rosenholtz instructs them to interlace their fingers in the non-habitual way. They focus on breathing while lifting their elbow to knee.

Hip Joint Mobility (03:37)

Students roll one foot to move the hip joint. They bend the knee to slide the foot toward the hip, stand the knee towards the ceiling, and then reverse the movement. They imagine and practice bringing both elbows to their knees.

Opposite Elbow to Knee (06:07)

Rosenholtz introduces an eighty-year-old student in the session; anyone can practice the Feldenkrais Method. Students lift both knees toward both elbows and then engage in a diagonal movement. They assess body sensations before standing and walking around the room.

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Lesson 1: Training the Flexors — Elbow to Knee

Part of the Series : The Feldenkrais Method®: Basic Lessons in Awareness Through Movement® — Series 1
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This program with Feldenkrais expert Stephen Rosenholtz focuses on using floorwork to train the flexors from elbow to knee.

Length: 28 minutes

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