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Introduction to RTI: Intervention Model (05:29)


RTI is an effective problem solving process designed to address the needs of struggling students by promoting optimal learning. Viewers learn about the 3-tiered behavioral intervention model.

Student Behaviors (04:33)

Author and RTI developer Jim Wright shares a number of "big ideas" regarding student behaviors and root causes. He also shares the overall concept of instructional activities within an RTI-structured classroom.

Strategies to Manage the Whole Classroom (16:44)

Author Jim Wright expands upon Ideas for "behavior-proofing" a classroom. Management strategies include verbal commands, clear behavioral expectations, training for recurring activities, daily schedule, and more.

Tier 1 Strategies for Defiant/Non-Compliant Behaviors (10:27)

Guidelines for Tier 1 behavioral intervention strategies: approach a student privately; state requests clearly; make eye contact and manage body language; keep responses brief; do not get hooked into an argument with the student; and more.

Tier 1 Strategies for Hyperactive/Impulsive Behaviors (06:51)

Author and educator Jim Wright suggests many strategies teachers can use to counteract undesirable behaviors and at the same time maintain respectful relationships with students. Teachers demonstrate these strategies.

Tier 1 Strategies for Inattentive Behaviors (04:43)

RTI strategies can bring students who might "pass below the radar" into a welcoming learning environment. Educator Jim Wright provides specific tips for teachers to carry out RTI strategies for inattentive behaviors.

Use of Rewards and Incentives (08:51)

Teachers choose from a variety of rewards and incentives. Educator Jim Wright shares guidelines for teachers to determine who, what, when, where, why, and how, regarding rewards and incentives.

Monitoring Student Behavior Using Data (07:05)

Data collection plays a central role in teachers’ efforts to manage behaviors of individuals and the class. It is imperative that teachers use a variety of tested assessment tools to determine the success or failure of strategies.

Credits: "The Power of RTI: Classroom Management Strategies, K-6" (00:23)

Credits: "The Power of RTI: Classroom Management Strategies, K-6"

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The Power of RTI: Classroom Management Strategies, K–6

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Response to intervention—an effective method for helping struggling learners achieve academic success—can be a powerful management approach to challenging behaviors. In this program, educational consultant Jim Wright explains how RTI can be used in the classroom to address defiant, noncompliant, hyperactive, impulsive, and inattentive behaviors. He also explains how tier 1 techniques can be implemented for positive behavioral expectations, for data collection to measure and monitor behavior, and for the management of rules, routines, and schedules. In addition, Wright demonstrates targeted use of rewards and feedback.

Length: 66 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-61733-958-5

Copyright date: ©2009

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Reviews & Awards

“Finally, a training tool that provides practical strategies for behavior management…. I highly recommend it!”  —Joseph Zambito, Superintendent of Schools


“Undeniably one of the best instructional videos on behavior, an invaluable resource…. I highly recommend this video as a necessary training tool for targeted behavioral interventions that work.”  —Cassandra Allen Holfield, Director, Learning Resource Center


“On target with realistic and practical guidelines on RTI. The research-based interventions are outlined in a clear and practical format that can be implemented immediately in various school settings.”  —Stephanie Burt Pelcher, elementary school teacher

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