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Sports Metaphors for Education (01:54)


Winning in the classroom and winning on the sports field requires the same four elements of success: the players, the plan, executing the plan, and managing the clock.

Time and Task (10:37)

Each teacher's maximum time must be engaged to ensure student learning outcomes; advance planning is essential for effective "plays" in the classroom; and planning is the strategy educators use to support students' IEPs.

Content Squared (06:09)

"Content squared" increases student learning because two teachers are both experts in the field, and therefore, they can focus on teaching to learning styles as well as content.

Expert Squared (07:29)

In some cases, one teacher leads the lesson, and the other teacher offers support with her expertise. One teacher creates stations for behavior, and the other creates stations for content. "Expert Squared" is very appropriate for parallel teaching.

Roles and Responsibilities (07:49)

Using an R & R (roles and responsibilities) structure, educators can clearly delineate what specific things they need to do to reach very specific goals set for special needs children.

Highlights (04:04)

Films hosts list their top highlights of the film's content. Examples of highlights include one-on-one conferences, technology, speech teacher, and paraprofessionals.

Credits: "Winning Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms" (00:38)

Credits: "Winning Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms"

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Winning Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms

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Mainstreaming has become a widely used method for including special needs students in the educational process, but it sometimes leaves instructors feeling overwhelmed, under-qualified, and even resentful. Utilizing a sports metaphor including pre- and post-game analyses, this program takes viewers into elementary school classrooms to review strategies that empower teachers to more effectively manage their time, use their expertise, collaborate on content, and understand their roles and responsibilities. The video provides inclusive teams with specific examples of behaviors that can be used in the classroom so that all children benefit from quality instruction. (40 minutes)

Length: 40 minutes

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 “Provides educators with the tools they need to create successful inclusive classrooms.”  —Walter Ceglka, Professor


“A power training tool for all those committed to fully inclusive classrooms.” —Ashleigh Molloy, Principal


“Presents a powerful message about the need for teamwork in fully inclusive classrooms.”  —Linda Garofalo, Teacher


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