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Dunblane, Scotland (03:13)


Basil O'Sullivan of Holy Name Catholic Church reads portions of his letter to the clergy in Newtown. The Monseigneur describes the shooting at Dunblane Elementary School that crippled his community.

When Time Does Not Heal All Wounds (01:36)

When a community undergoes a mass shooting, broken hearts never heal. Parents will get upset that their children did not reach the age of their schoolmates.

Confronting Depression (01:58)

O'Sullivan describes becoming more depressed after the final funeral of the students who perished during the Dunblane school shooting. After a month, the diocese sends the Monseigneur on vacation to heal.

Choosing to Stay (01:20)

O'Sullivan describes how the Dunblane school shooting was a defining moment. The grace of God helps him.

The Power of Presence (00:50)

A minister's presence is helpful to those grieving, even if they do not recall the sermons.

Asking Questions of God (02:08)

Even non-believers will turn to the church during times of crisis. The bedrock of Christian communities is the death and resurrection of the Lord. God lives in the hearts of people who show empathy.

Re-Traumatization (01:58)

People affected by the Dunblane school shooting continue to struggle, particularly when similar events occur. O'Sullivan describes how the congregation reacted after the Newtown experience.

Rejoicing in the Preciousness of Life (01:55)

Faith, prayers, and resigning one's self to the will of God helps when dealing with trauma. Life is fragile and precious; love is the antidote to evil.

Credits: Heartbreak and Hope 20 Years after Tragedy (00:49)

Credits: Heartbreak and Hope 20 Years after Tragedy

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Heartbreak and Hope 20 Years After Tragedy

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Father Basil O’Sullivan is the parish priest in Dunblane, Scotland. In 1996, this was the site of a primary school shooting that killed sixteen children and one teacher. It remains the deadliest mass shooting in Great Britain thus far. Father O’Sullivan got in touch with the Sandy Hook community after the shooting. Here, he talks with Reverend Crebbin about his experience as a faith leader, Dunblane’s journey of healing through the past twenty years, and what issues may arise for faith leaders as the acute grief of the initial trauma gives way to mourning over the long term.

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