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In the Moment of Tragedy: Newton, Connecticut (02:51)


This video will examine how faith leaders can guide a community to recover from tragedy. Rev. Matt Crebbin describes being in the firehouse after the school shooting on December 12, 2012. Religious heads discuss coping mechanisms.

Self-Awareness and Self-Care (01:46)

Faith leaders discuss leading their congregation while experiencing symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Phases of Human-Caused Disaster Response (01:15)

Faith leaders are heroes in the beginning. Community members become angry at God and by extension, the church heads. An individual's life will never be the same after experiencing trauma.

Searching for Meaning from Tragedy (02:19)

Speaking from religious texts honors the pain and grief those who experienced trauma are feeling. Gun safety advocacy is now an important part of Crebbin's ministry and healing. Praver describes his congregation wanting an oasis of peace. Communities can be divided.

Impact on Families of Faith Leaders (01:26)

Religious leaders discuss boundaries they created with their wives.

How Can Denominations and Congregations Support their Leaders? (01:44)

Faith leaders discuss the support they receive. Do not just offer help, but act upon it.

Re-Traumatization (01:56)

Crebbin feels overwhelmed when he watches the news. Religious leaders discuss their anger about firearms.

Moving Forward and Looking Ahead (01:46)

Praver left the synagogue and became a prison chaplain; Mel Kawakami retired.

New Wisdom (03:05)

Crebbin discusses the importance of buildin relationships with colleagues. A tragedy is a great equalizer; it does not favor one faith over another. Interfaith relationships are important and make a religious leader more attentive.

Credits: Newtown Faith Leaders Unite in Tragedy (00:50)

Credits: Newtown Faith Leaders Unite in Tragedy

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Newtown Faith Leaders Unite in Tragedy

Part of the Series : Healing the Healers
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Reverend Matthew Crebbin talks with fellow Newtown clergy, Rabbi Shaul Praver, and Reverend Mel Kawakami, about their experiences as faith leaders during and after the Sandy Hook School shooting. They talk about the steps they have taken toward healing, and how the trauma and its impact on their lives, faith, and work continues.

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