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Early Childhood Development & Services (03:01)


A Montessori teacher and Director of Education explains her role in early childhood development. Other careers include educators for parents, nannies, teachers' assistants, and director of childcare facilities.

Counseling and Mental Health Services (04:17)

People in counseling and mental health services are problem solvers, who are interested in people. College classes and licensing are necessary. A wide range of jobs are available in this field.

Family & Community Services (07:00)

A clinical psychologist explains what is involved in her career, and she advises aspiring students on assessing their interest levels and motivations. Volunteering is an important aspect of job exploration.

Personal Care Services (03:54)

A fitness professional discusses how he came to have his own gym. He discusses people skills, personal goals and fitness, and he shares the pros and cons of his profession. Other careers in this field include nail technician and massage therapist.

Consumer Services (04:11)

People skills, public speaking, time management, and more are essential elements in consumer services. Listening skills are among the most important. Careers in this field include banker, certified financial planner, and consumer advocate.

Necessary Skills for Human Services Careers (01:35)

Essential skills for careers in human services include communication, knowledge of safety and health, ethical and legal responsibilities, technical skills, and passion.

Credits: "Human Services Careers" (00:59)

Credits: "Human Services Careers"

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Human Services Careers

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For those who enjoy helping other people, a career in human services may be just right! This program explores a variety of occupations in early childhood care, counseling and mental health, family and community, personal care, and consumer services. Viewers will learn the requirements to enter the field, along with job duties, important skill sets, and common challenges that might be encountered on the job. The video profiles Montessori teachers, family counselors, social services workers, the clergy, personal trainers, and sales consultants, giving aspiring students a good overview of this rewarding field. A viewable/printable worksheet is available online. (25 minutes)

Length: 26 minutes

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