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Bach Transmogrified: Introduction (02:43)


Young people frequently rediscover Johann Sebastian Bach's music. This program will examine how his compositions change with instrumentation and arrangers. Three versions of "Fugue in G Minor" will be played to compare transmogrifications.

"Little Fugue in G Minor": Organ (04:35)

Leonard Bernstein introduces Michael Korn, who performs Bach's composition in the manner in which it was conceived.

"Little Fugue in G Minor": Orchestra (06:37)

Conductors who are unsatisfied with the small number of pieces Bach wrote for the orchestra create transcriptions of the composer's organ and harpsichord music. Leopold Stokowski conducts his arrangement of the Bach composition.

"Little Fugue in G Minor": Synthesizer (05:49)

Bernstein introduces the Moog machine. Hear a pre-recorded adaptation of Bach's composition.

"Partita in E Major": Prelude (12:41)

Concertmaster David Nadien plays the violin solo. Every note in Lukas Foss' "Phorion" is derived from the original Bach composition. The conductor decides the entrances and exits of various instrumental groups.

"Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D Major": I. Allegro: Original (10:43)

This Bach composition is normally played on a harpsichord instead of a piano. Nadien, Julius Baker, and Bernstein perform the solo sections.

"Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D Major": I. Allegro: Transmogrified (06:25)

The New York Rock and Roll Ensemble performs a version of Bach's composition with lyrics.

Credits: Bach Transmogrified (01:05)

Credits: Bach Transmogrified

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Bach Transmogrified

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Bernstein discusses different transmogrifications or treatments of Bach's works. After an organ recital of the Little Fugue, guest conductor Leopold Stokowski conducts his own transcription of the fugue for symphony orchestra. Other transmogrifications include Foss' Phorion and a version of the Brandenburg Concerto No.5 performed by the New York Rock and Roll Ensemble.

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