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Why Did You Come to Brazil and Why Did You Stay? (01:38)


See a description of Friedrich Paul Tolksdorf's work with Amazonian tribes and the Nambiquara. He sought adventure and greater opportunities in Brazil.

Were the First Indians You Contacted the Kalabi? (03:01)

Tolksdorf discusses meeting the Amazon tribe, including exchanging gifts. They caught colds and returned to Xingu; many died of the flu. He was part of a team helping nomadic groups find land and build wells.

What Differences are there Between Groups? (01:06)

Tolksdorf discusses inter-tribal relations among the Nambiquara; arranged marriages have reduced fighting. Parents decide to which tribe their children belong.

What Characterizes the Nambiquara? (02:13)

The tribe sleeps on the floor and spreads ash on the body to protect against mosquitoes. Their land once had an abundance of game. Tolksdorf tried to convince the Manairisu to settle and start a village.

How have Large Projects Affected the Nambiquara? (03:58)

Tolksdorf discusses displacement and loss of land among indigenous tribes. He calls for increased educational scholarships and literacy campaigns. He says their natural life is over; they should turn to agriculture.

Can You Say Something about the Hydroelectric Scheme? (02:33)

Tolksdorf does not support a government project that will damage Nambiquara land and interfere with tribal life. The younger generation accepts "progress" while the older generation resists it.

What are the Main Nambiquara Health Problems? (01:48)

Tolksdorf advocates teaching hygiene to help prevent malaria and gastrointestinal disease. He also believes the tribe should be taught to cultivate the land; logging and agriculture are destroying the forest.

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Interview About the Nambiquara: Friedrich Paul Tolksdorf

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Frederic Paul Tolksdorf talks about first contacts with Indians, the disappearance of their way of life, and the problems of hysdroelectric dams.

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