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Perspectives of Planet Earth (02:07)


Earth is a kaleidoscope of color created by natural phenomenon. Satellites can capture the world in extraordinary detail, transforming our understanding. (Credits)

Aurora (04:14)

People of the Arctic Circle have mythology explaining the colorful displays. In Ilulissat, people play soccer in the Northern Lights. Cameras on satellites capture the entire aurora from space.

Locating Animals (02:44)

Cameras detect flamingos attempting to find a mate on the coast in East Africa. In Antarctica, Weddell seals give birth to pups. On Bird Island, satellites study albatross movements.

Antarctica (03:19)

Scientists discover brown patches of droppings across the ice, marking the location of a colony of emperor penguins. Parents bring chicks predigested krill and fish.

Greenland Icecap (02:51)

Satellite cameras capture the effects of climate change. Rivers of melt water spread across the ice and create lakes.

Man-Made Colors (10:46)

Floating cranberries turn ponds red. Blue dye in mineral pools increases evaporation and helps extract potash. In Spring, Holland appears striped due to the tulip fields. In remote parts of China, people harvest honey and grapeseed flowers in yellow fields.

Coast of Alaska (04:10)

When colors disappear, the natural world may be under threat. Microscopic organisms multiply into the millions. Plankton blooms attract fish and predators, producing 50% of the world's oxygen supply.

Coast of Australia (08:02)

Comprised of coral, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure seen from space. Dwarf minke whale calves remain with their mothers for six months. When the temperature rises, colorful algae becomes toxic.

Ocean Lights (08:16)

City lights illuminate the world's surface. Fleets of squid fishing boats mimic the light of the moon. Watch the Argentinian Coast Guard attempt to catch a rogue vessel using satellite imagery.

City Growth (07:00)

Las Vegas has tripled in size in the past 40 years. Approximately 38 million people live in Tokyo. In Chennai, Joseph Sekar feeds 4,000 wild parakeets who live on the city streets.

Credits: Colorful Planet (00:31)

Credits: Colorful Planet

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In a kaleidoscope of color, swirls of phytoplankton trigger an oceanic feeding frenzy, China turns yellow as millions of flowers bloom and at night the waters off the coast of Argentina are spotted with mysterious green lights.

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