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New Perspective (02:41)


Earth appears to be still from space, but the planet is constantly moving. The surface is changing at a faster pace than any other time in human history.

Dengfeng, China (04:16)

Shaolin Kung-Fu students perform each movement with precision and purpose. Cameras from space capture thousands of students performing in synchronicity.

Botswana, Africa (05:20)

Channels of water create the Okavango Delta; it never reaches the ocean. Nutrients flow into the delta through hippopotami tracks.

Ocean Traveling (05:21)

Approximately50,000 container ships circumnavigate the world using oceanic currents. Turtles travel 1,000 miles to their feeding grounds in the Indian Ocean. The Suez Canal shortens the journey from Europe to Asia by 4,000 miles.

Tidal Currents (07:07)

At the Bay of Fundy, tides rise by 50 feet in six hours. In the Sundarbans, at the border of Bangladesh and India, the color of the water changes from blue to brown. Fishermen breed otters to help catch fish.

Kenya, East Africa (10:10)

See footage of weather patterns in the atmosphere. Satellites track a family of elephants foraging for food. Drought causes the herd to struggle, but rain arrives before a calf dies.

Natural Disaster (03:48)

Clouds can form hurricanes in the Tropics. Weather satellites capture Hurricane Harvey's path.

Weather Patterns (03:59)

Dry lakebed dust enters the atmosphere in North Africa. It travels more than 2,000 miles over the Atlantic Ocean to provide nutrients to unique species in Central and South America.

Migrations (01:55)

Wildebeest travel 1,800 miles, following seasonal rain patterns; gray whales travel to Baja Mexico to give birth. Pilgrims travel to Mecca to worship during the hajj. Thousands gather in Nevada to celebrate Burning and at the Vatican during Easter.

Eclipse of the Sun (08:53)

In August 2017, millions travel to witness a solar eclipse. Kimberly and Rebecca Jeung collaborate with NASA to launch a weather balloon and record the natural phenomenon.

Credits: Moving Planet (00:30)

Credits: Moving Planet

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Our planet is constantly on the move, from individual animals to powerful weather systems. Follow the black shadow of a total solar eclipse and marvel as thousands of Shaolin Kung Fu students perform in perfect synchronicity.

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