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Apollo 11 Mission (01:43)


The crew members of Apollo 11 began their trip to the moon on July 16, 1969. Every word spoken within the spacecraft was recorded; they are used as the basis for this film.

Apollo 11 Media Attention (04:35)

Apollo 11 crew members Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins were extensively interviewed by NASA and media outlets before the mission. Their takeoff was broadcast live on multiple news channels.

Day 1: "We've Got the Rookie with Us" (12:59)

Aldrin and Collins were the most experienced with 94 and 73 hours in space, while Armstrong only had 13. The rocket entered its third stage and began the trans-lunar injection burn to pull them out of Earth's gravity. The crew had to reconfigure the ship and Collins had to dock the command module to the lunar module.

Day 2: "We're All Running in Place Here" (03:21)

Despite being more than 112,000 miles from Earth, Apollo 11 was still two days away from the moon. News stations were desperate for content, so the astronauts filmed themselves floating around the ship and views of Earth from the window.

Day 3: "The Best or Luckiest Pilot Around" (04:04)

The Apollo 11 crew members had stellar reputations as Navy pilots and NASA astronauts. Aldrin and Collins performed space walks during the Gemini program. Armstrong bailed out of two NASA test flights before the aircrafts crashed.

Day 4: "It's a View Worth the Price of the Trip" (08:11)

By the fourth day, Apollo 11 was 966 miles from the moon and began its burn to enter the moon's orbit. The burn was conducted on the far side of the moon and put Apollo 11 out of contact with mission control.

Day 5: "We're Breathing Again. Thanks a Lot" (34:03)

Armstrong and Aldrin entered the lunar module and prepared to land it, while Collins stayed behind in the command module. The lunar module flight was controlled by a computer, but Armstrong took over with manual controls for the landing. After two hours on the surface, Armstrong and Aldrin stepped onto the moon's surface and spent eight hours there.

Day 6: "We're Number One on the Runway" (07:52)

After Aldrin fixed a circuity issues, the lunar module was cleared for takeoff and docked with the command module. The lunar module was discarded. The command module orbited the moon and performed a critical burn to begin its return to Earth.

Day 7: "All You See is the Three of Us" (02:10)

The crew made a broadcast highlighting the importance of everyone who worked in the Apollo 11 mission. More than 1,000 scientists, engineers, and technicians contributed work that made the mission possible.

Day 8: "Gear's Down and Locked" (06:14)

The service module dropped off and only the command module re-entered. Mission control lost contact with the crew for the four minutes of re-entry. The module landed in the Pacific Ocean and was retrieved by the United States Navy.

Credits: 8 Days: To The Moon and Back (00:34)

Credits: 8 Days: To The Moon and Back

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