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Choosing a Career (01:07)


Young graduates need to think about what is important to them as they plan their next move. A life coach and a career specialist prepare to take one young person through the steps of this important decision-making process.

Meet Remi - Physician or French Major? (03:52)

Remi has no clear idea of her true vocation. She likes the idea of helping others through medicine, but she also has an interest in languages. She will need a university education for either.

Challenge #1 - Researcher for Publisher (03:15)

Remi learns the salary and basic skills of an online researcher. She is a bit intimidated by the setting and is soon sent to review a French restaurant in London.

Challenge #1 - Out of Time (01:14)

Remi gets a reality check when she runs out of time. The "boss" acknowledges her efforts even though she didn't complete the task.

Challenge #2 - Speech Therapy (03:08)

Is Remi committed to medicine? Or is she just looking to disprove a stereotype? A deeper conversation reveals what's behind the push to medicine. Remi goes to meet a speech therapist. She learns the salary and basic requirements for this job.

Challenge #2 - Assessing Communication Difficulty (02:30)

Remi works with a man with Down syndrome. She does well and thinks their might be a place for her in health care, but she is honest about the possibility that she may not have the patience for the job.

Challenge #3 - Charity Fundraiser (03:44)

Remi is exposed to the role of development officer for the charity sector. She learns the salary and basic requirements of the job. Remi works with a group to brainstorm ideas for items that can be sold at charity auctions.

Planning for University (03:43)

Remi explores the language program at Edinburgh University. She learns about financing a university degree, making a budget and student loans. Remi gets a taste of student living.

Career Decision Made (01:15)

Remi has had 3 months to consider what she has learned about health and language careers. She shares her decision.

Credits: Remi: Physician or French Major? (00:23)

Credits: Remi: Physician or French Major?

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Remi: Physician or French Major?

Part of the Series : Vocation, Vocation, Vocation
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“Looking at me, people don’t expect a lot,” Remi says. “I want to prove them wrong.” In this program, a career specialist and a life coach advise Remi to base a profession on her interests and aptitudes rather than aiming for medical school largely to impress others. After investigating the day-to-day duties of a speech therapist, an editor for a French-language tourist guide, and an assistant in an Oxfam shop, the teen decides to follow up on her fascination with foreign languages—something she’d never thought of as a practical course of study. Remi is ready to enroll in college as a French major, leaning toward a position with an international charity, but confident of the many professional options for someone with a language degree. Part of the series Vocation, Vocation, Vocation. (26 minutes)

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