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Choosing a Career (01:07)


Young graduates need to think about what is important to them as they plan their next move. A life coach and a career specialist prepare to take one young person through the steps of this important decision-making process.

Meet Noor - Aspiring World-Changer (02:17)

Former "bad boy" Noor wants to make a difference in the world. He wants to go to university and is willing to work hard to get there, but he doesn't know which direction to head. He does know that "Without money, you can't aspire to be anything."

Challenge #1 - Learn to Project Confidence & Authority (03:28)

Noor learns the salary and basic requirements for an entry-level job in politics, salaries and basic requirements for a job. Before he begins his first challenge, he gets some coaching on political presentation.

Challenge #1 - Canvassing the Public (03:21)

Noor polls pedestrians to learn their thoughts on a subject. He prepares his presentation based on what he has learned. Noor presents his findings to a city counsel leader. The counsel member provides a critique.

Challenge #2 - Insurance Underwriter (02:56)

Noor does not have a complete picture fo what constitutes "business." His challenge takes him to an insurance firm. He learns the salary and basic requirements of the job. Noor is tasked with analyzing the risk of potential new insurance clients.

Challenge #2 - Assessing Risk (02:57)

Noor spends a day in the life of an insurance underwriter. He sifts through a mountain of information and finds a creative way to solve complete the task. He presents his report to the boss.

Challenge #3 - Humanitarian Work (03:05)

It's unclear if either path, business or politics, is right for Noor. The team introduces a 3rd possibility: political affairs officer for the United Nations. Noor learns the salary and basic requirements of the job and he spends a day doing various jobs at a refugee center.

Academic Requirements (03:06)

Noor visits a top university for students aspiring to political careers. He learns what it will take to get into this college and what it will take to make going to college work. Noor explores the campus.

Career Decision Made (01:28)

Noor has had 3 months to consider what he has learned about business and politics as professional choices. Noor has decided on politics--after he goes to university.

Credits: Noor: Politician or Businessman? (00:25)

Credits: Noor: Politician or Businessman?

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Noor: Politician or Businessman?

Part of the Series : Vocation, Vocation, Vocation
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Noor wants to change the world, but can his idealism pay the bills? Or does this self-described “street kid” harbor a secret desire to be a successful businessman? In this program, a career specialist and a life coach arrange for Noor to work as both insurance underwriter and refugee center volunteer to determine which suits him better. The teen quickly opts to aid people in need, perhaps through politics or employment at a humanitarian agency. His challenge now is earning the degree that will land him the job—and impressing the admissions board of the highly competitive international studies program. His career choice is not quickly attainable but now that Noor has identified his goal, he’s ready to work hard to achieve it. Part of the series Vocation, Vocation, Vocation. (26 minutes)

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