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Choosing a Career (01:07)


Young graduates need to think about what is important to them as they plan their next move. A life coach and a career specialist prepare to take one young person through the steps of this important decision-making process.

Meet Christopher Aspiring Actor or Accountant (02:17)

Christopher has a passion for acting and performing. At 16, he is a local celebrity who does well in school and holds a job. He enjoyed a finance class he took and things accounting might be the better career choice.

Challenge #1 - Chris Auditions for the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama (03:57)

Christopher exudes passion for the stage. He knows it is not a secure profession. He auditions for a spot at a prestigious acting school.

Feedback on Christopher's Performance (01:53)

Christopher receives positive feedback on his audition, but no guarantee of success, or even entrance to the school, which auditions 700 students per year for 24 openings.

Challenge #2: Accounting (02:56)

Christopher shadows an accountant for the day to learn about the job. He learns that numbers are not the focus. Statistics show that accounting graduates start at around $36,000 per year and that 80% find work within 6 months of graduation.

Accountant for a Day (02:06)

Christopher takes on some of the tasks of an accountant for the day, but he lacks real insight into the job and he finds he is less than enthusiastic once he understands more about the work.

Challenge #3 Who Dunnit? (04:16)

In Aberdeen Chris is put to work in a murder mystery dinner theater. After a slow start, he warms up and starts to enjoy himself.

Reality Check: Comparing Lifestyles (03:30)

Christopher spends a day comparing the lifestyles of a person who lives on an accountant's salary and one who lives on an actor's salary.

Career Decision Made (01:39)

Christopher has had 3 months to consider what he has learned about accountancy and acting as professional choices. He has decided that he is willing to adjust to a smaller income for his dream career.

Credits: Christopher: Actor or Accountant? (00:31)

Credits: Christopher: Actor or Accountant?

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Christopher: Actor or Accountant?

Part of the Series : Vocation, Vocation, Vocation
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“I was born for the stage…but I also like accounting.” In this program, a career specialist and a life coach arrange for Christopher to land a very unglamorous role in a local dinner theater production and then work as an accountant to determine which profession might be right for him. Christopher loves numbers, but he’s hooked on the thrill he gets from being on stage. Is he enough of a risk-taker to be an actor? Is it crunching numbers that makes accounting appeal to him—or being able to “wear a sharp suit”? After investigating the pros and cons of both fields, factoring in job security and what kind of car he could afford after five years, Christopher decides that his heart lies with acting. Part of the series Vocation, Vocation, Vocation. (26 minutes)

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