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Pendleton Juvenile Correctional Facility (06:52)


Karen Grau meets 14-year-old Justin and his counselor Kate Frazier. Justin has an IQ of 42 and is unable to participate in regular programs. Approximately 30% of youth in the U.S. child welfare system will enter the juvenile justice system.

Closed Door Meeting (04:32)

Indiana child welfare service providers meet to discuss the reentry processing of juvenile inmates, including Justin. The experts discuss his criminal charges and mental health; Justin had no attorney during court proceedings.

Residential Care and Treatment (03:32)

Frazier describes challenges with Justin; he lives in constant fear. Mike Dempsey and Chris Blessinger discuss Justin's future and potential placement at Damar; services cost $350 a day.

Justin's Placement (02:43)

The Indiana D.O.C.'s annual budget for transitioning juveniles out of incarceration is $600,000. Justin learns he will be going to Damar; he wants to talk to his mother. Dempsey reflects on responsibility and obligation.

Damar Services Inc. (04:54)

Frazier accompanies Justin to his new placement facility. They receive a tour of the campus and Justin exhibits no fear.

Disabilities and Incarceration (04:31)

Grau attempts to speak with Justin's parents, but fails. Mary Beth Bonaventura discusses the abandonment of children. Research indicates that 60-75% of youth with disabilities are in the juvenile justice system. Two chief justices reflect on juvenile trauma and D.O.C. services.

Justin: Eighteen Months Later (06:13)

Grau visits Justin at Damar. The staff discusses his progress; he will always need some type of support. Justin has a good relationship with his counselor Fred, but still has no contact with any family.

Changed Behaviors (04:43)

Frazier reflects on negative aspects Justin learned while incarcerated at Pendleton and his increased sense of fear. A month later, Justin visits the facility; Frazier is amazed at his progress.

Transitioning Out of Damar (04:19)

Justin is almost 18 and the Indiana Bureau of Developmental Disabilities allows him to move to a children's group home. Fred reflects on Justin's progress. Experts discuss increased responsibility and lack of family support; Indiana has 137 licensed children group home beds.

Services and Reform (03:43)

Bonaventura cites the importance of early intervention. D.O.C. staff work to provide services and ensure juveniles are in the right place for the right reasons. Chief justices make certain that juveniles like Justin have a lawyer in court.

Justin's 18th Birthday (06:39)

Grau reflects on Justin's journey; she takes Justin for a drive and they talk about his mother. Dempsey has implemented significant changes at Pendleton. Forty states have adopted the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative. See an update on Justin.

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