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Understanding Kids in the System (04:27)


Rehabilitation is the underlying philosophy of the juvenile justice system—Department of Corrections placement is the last option. Juvenile offenders reflect on their home lives and incarceration.

Understanding the Job: Challenges and Expectations (02:35)

Linda Commons, Mike Dempsey and Tim Greathouse discuss what they look for in juvenile corrections staff, responsibility, and expectations. Staff members reflect on juvenile inmates and job satisfaction.

Reducing Sexual Victimization (00:56)

Ruby recalls fearing rape and violence. Many acts classified as victimization are consensual, but the juveniles are not old enough to give legal consent.

Working With Sex Offenders (07:06)

Fear, anger, and hate are often associated with "sex offender"; motivation to change can be challenging. Jack discusses his charges, mindset, and treatment. The focus of sex offender treatment is on the sexual assault cycle.

Youth-On-Youth Sexual Victimization (03:03)

Sondra Woods discusses offender mindset about sex in prison. Experts discuss investigating incidents of sexual misconduct and upholding zero tolerance; Miss Black hears accusations.

Staff-On-Youth Sexual Victimization (06:01)

Adam Demming discusses thought processes that lead to behaviors. John Madden reflects on teenage hormones and staff responsibility. Mike Keesling investigates reports of staff perpetrators. Staff must pay attention and report behaviors.

Masturbation in the Juvenile Facility (03:25)

Demming stresses consistency when addressing sexual behaviors and educating juveniles on healthy vs. unhealthy self-stimulation; staff must pay attention to numbers.

Juvenile Correctional Facility (01:55)

Commons discusses finding the right fit for staff. Staff members stress the need to help juveniles before they return to the community; many have a history of abuse.

Credits: Combating Sexual Misconduct in Prison (00:52)

Credits: Combating Sexual Misconduct in Prison

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Combating Sexual Misconduct in Prison

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Investigators, counselors, and psychologists describe tools for combating prison sexual assault.

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