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GROW Program (01:57)


Director Eric Courtney leads a group session with three juvenile offenders at Pendleton Maximum Security Juvenile Prison. They discuss influencing younger brothers.

Forced Interactions (04:00)

Three juveniles, all from different gangs, reflect on associating on the outside, sharing similarities, and learning about misconceptions.

Home Environments (03:50)

Three juveniles consider what they can do to avoid pitfalls after release. These include getting a job, education, Job Corps, and living with family in a different area.

Personal Growth (04:12)

Three juveniles discuss the most important lessons they have learned from the GROW Program and whether they were leaders or followers before incarceration.

Gang Intervention (03:53)

Courtney discuss working with smaller groups in the GROW Program and challenging their beliefs. Program involvement reduces the amount of conduct reports and gang activity. Many juveniles in treatment programs lack a positive father figure.

Future Prospects (02:38)

Three juveniles reflect on returning to their environment after release. Experts hope offenders will avoid gangs and lead successful lives.

Credits: Gang Counseling in Prison: Part 2 (00:09)

Credits: Gang Counseling in Prison: Part 2

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Gang Counseling in Prison: Part 2

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Juvenile prison Program Director/Counselor Eric Courtney conducts a counseling session with juvenile gang members.

Length: 21 minutes

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