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Pendleton Maximum Security Juvenile Prison (06:34)


The GROW Program focuses on gang intervention. The unit houses up to 24 juveniles from various gangs; participants are identified as security threat group members. Offenders reflect on joining gangs.

GROW Program (06:42)

Three juvenile offenders identify their role models and why they looked up to them; two did not have fathers in their lives. They discuss respect in the neighborhood and mentor qualities.

Gang Influences (04:18)

Three juvenile offenders discuss what they found exciting about the lifestyle, providing for family, and their fathers. One of the offenders has a son; he reflects on "breaking the cycle."

Psychology (03:31)

Three juvenile offenders consider what made it easier for them to join a gang, what they now respect after having been incarcerated, and changes they must make.

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Gang Counseling in Prison: Part 1

Part of the Series : Gang Counseling in Prison
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Juvenile gang members participate in prison gang counseling; prison staff describe the unique program.

Length: 22 minutes

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