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Treatment Room Conversations (08:30)


French-Canadian patients socialize while awaiting treatment for cancer. One woman discusses her initial hair loss and where to find the cheapest wigs. Melanie, a breast cancer patient, discusses her kids, who offered to shave their heads in solidarity.

Patient Bonding (07:41)

Mr. Brulotte swerves after receiving chemotherapy, joking that he is drunk. A young man sits quietly as a nurse attaches his stint. He and Mr. Lacoste compare notes on their liver cancer treatment.

Recurrence and Hair Loss (05:07)

Sylvie has been told she will need treatment for the rest of her life. Other patients soak their fingers in ice. Two men bond over fishing and a woman recalls being in remission over the summer.

Experimental Treatment (11:08)

Mr. Brulotte returns, and he is optimistic about life while he chats with another patient. Melanie celebrates her last treatment. A woman returns without her husband, who also has cancer.

Final Chemo Treatment (08:51)

Melanie enjoys a beer during her last appointment; her nurse hopes to never see her again. A patient waits to see her boyfriend; a tumor is pressing against the nerves in her back. Another patient looks forward to hunting moose in the fall.

Body Scan (06:37)

A patient discusses antiques while a woman nearby knits. Two patients realize they met years ago, and they have mutual friends. Mr. Brulotte gets scolded for making off-color jokes about his wife.

Optimistic Patient (09:49)

The hunter feels as if he is getting better, but a scan has revealed that his tumor has grown slightly. Another liver cancer patient jokes with the camera crew. A doctor discusses test results over the phone.

Saying Goodbye (10:43)

Nurses talk to a patient about her impending transfer to Maison Au Diapason; the discussion ends with a tearful farewell. A patient discusses her recent trip and previous visits to Banff and Lake Louise. Mr. Brulotte is told to keep quiet.

Patient Deaths (08:05)

Melanie discusses chemotherapy and hair loss in the waiting room. Sylvie’s has died; her husband, Michel, is composed when he begins describing how she passed but is overcome with emotion.

Blood Test Results (03:40)

A doctor goes over Melanie’s blood work. Her tumor markers are negative. Her treatment is over, other than checkups.

Credits: Sessions (03:05)

Credits: Sessions

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Can we fight or even overcome cancer in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility? Filmmaker Danic Champoux believes so, and in his documentary, Sessions, he dispels many of the clichés associated with the disease, using empathy and humor to reveal the extraordinary resilience of human beings. Shot over the course of a year in the common room of an oncology center, where patients regularly meet when undergoing chemotherapy, the film invites viewers to look at cancer from a new perspective. Sessions chronicles the patients’ intensely emotional encounters, deftly capturing the love and joie de vivre that brighten their often stressful days. Never denying the distress of cancer patients — and that of their families and friends, as well — Sessions is, above all, a work of deep humanity and a sensitive portrait of life’s mysteries. 

Length: 85 minutes

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