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Intimate Conversations (05:22)


Film participants speak on a wide range of topics, including recurring dreams, a wedding proposal, and self-harm. A woman describes her strange “friendship” with a fish. A man recalls a past suicide attempt.

Mental Health (07:02)

Participants speak on a range of intimate topics, including a coping mechanism, favorite pets, and lost love. A woman describes how she used to cut herself; a man shares his love of Chopin.

Memories and Traumas (07:44)

Participants speak on a wide range of intimate topics, including fatherhood, tattoos, and childhood. A woman praises her parents as role models, another describes her father’s psychological abuse.

Family and Abuse (11:58)

Participants speak on a wide range of intimate topics, including sexual abuse, nightlife, journaling, and being disowned. A woman describes how her mother manipulated her into helping hide abuse. A wrestler describes his favorite moves.

Bad Relationships (10:32)

Participants speak on a wide range of intimate topics, including cancer, dysfunctional relationships, and bullying. A transgendered person discusses how transitioning has complicated a family relationship. A man contemplates staging his own death.

Mental Health and Role Modeling (14:37)

Participants speak on a wide range of intimate topics, including depression, losing faith, and motherhood. A wrestler explains his need to be a role model for at-risk kids. Others describe events that impacted aspirations. A civil militia member contemplates civil unrest.

Approaches to Love and Sexuality (11:39)

Participants discuss intimate topics related to dating and sex. One woman is looking for the right man to impregnate her, while another is a reluctant swinger. A man wearing a military hat explains his weakness for Eastern European women.

Changed by Parenthood (04:32)

Participants speak on topics related to raising children. A woman explains why she dreads routine but is now ready to dedicate her life to her daughter. A man explains how his daughter helped him.

Suicide and Death (17:02)

Participants speak on a wide range of intimate topics, including the suicides of loved ones and obsessions related to death. A woman describes her sixth sense, a man recalls a near-death experience, and another man contemplates alien invaders conquering humanity.

Alienation and Relationships (03:55)

A woman recalls increased feelings of isolation after moving to Paris to be with her online boyfriend. A woman explains why she remains in a loveless relationship.

Credits: Self(less) Portrait (02:53)

Credits: Self(less) Portrait

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Self(less) Portrait

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In an age of social media, when the boundaries between private and public are constantly being redrawn, 50 people share some of their most intimate experiences and thoughts on camera. Self(less) Portrait by Danic Champoux (Mom and Me, Sessions) offers a complex patchwork of intertwining themes, ultimately reflecting a collective spirit we can all identify with. Taken as a whole, these confessions compose a rich but disjointed plotline, a human mosaic that slowly takes shape in front of our eyes. Relationships, the search for identity, family violence, depression, suicide, sexuality, mental illness, aliens, religion, and death: all these themes come and go on screen like an inexhaustible chain of life. Thanks to the unique voice of each participant, the filmmaker constructs a self-reflective ensemble film that vibrates like a symphony dedicated to the human condition. Self(less) Portrait is an atypical, free-form work that breathes new life into the documentary genre, serving as a compendium of raw emotions.

Length: 99 minutes

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