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Jewish Exile (03:55)


The destruction of Jerusalem and the Second Temple, which marked the start of the 2,000 years of Jewish exile, has long been acknowledged as a Jewish belief and historical fact. But archaeological evidence at Israeli sites like Sepphoris have called into questions the reasons and truth of Jewish exile.

Exile: Jerusalem vs. Sepphoris (35:07)

The Jewish rebellion that led to the destruction of the Temple was more likely about divisions within the faith and a dislike of religious leaders than a nationalistic uprising. But Josephus Flavius, the member of an elite religious family, wrote a book citing Jewish nationalism against Rome as the reason.

Exile: The Last Days of the Nation? (11:24)

Israeli archaeologist in the 1960s found evidence of Bar Kochva's rebellion and defeat by the Romans in 132 A.D. The Israeli government used it as a way to legitimatize Jewish claim to the area, but there was no evidence of an exile.

Exile As Religious Myth (07:52)

Refugees from the two failed Jewish rebellions flooded Sepphoris; rabbis established rituals that did not include the Temple in Jerusalem. The story of the Temple's destruction became a point of growth for Christianity, which would become the religion of the Romans, and never-ending exile and exclusion for Judaism.

Exile: A Religious Concept is Transformed into a Political Reality (15:06)

At the time of Jerusalem's destruction, the majority of Jews were living in the Diaspora with a small number living in Judaea and Galilee. Stories in the Torah and the Bible of Jews being exiled from their homeland created a desire to return, which became a political fight for a Jewish state.

Exile: The Myth Meets Reality (25:32)

The Palestinian village of Safuri was built on the ruins of Jewish Sepphoris and was destroyed in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. Residents were barred from returning and the area was turned into an Israeli archaeological park that ignored its 1,300 years of Muslim history.

Credits: Exile - A Myth Unearthed (01:02)

Credits: Exile - A Myth Unearthed

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The exile of the Jewish people from their homeland following the destruction of the Second Temple has long played a central role in Christian and Jewish theology, and it has been a critical issue in the struggle over land in the Middle East. This provocative documentary asks what it would mean if that exile never happened. Exile travels from Sepphoris to Masada, from Jerusalem to the catacombs of Rome, and features interviews with leading historians and archaeologists. The film points to new evidence from Galilee and elsewhere, and asks us to re-think the notion of exile--and perhaps to discover a richer and more diverse past than we had ever imagined.

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