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Life on the Street (06:10)


Darcy Bonneau has been living on the street for 10 years; she does not like to be around people. She panhandles and sells her body to make money. She is addicted to crack cocaine. (Credits)

Abandonment (02:42)

Bonneau's mother raises her son while her sister raises her daughter. Bonneau feels as if she is trapped in the past, and she gets high to escape.

Chemical Dependency (03:42)

As a child, Bonneau doubted her mother's. After her father was kicked out of the house, she started skipping school, running away, and attempting suicide. She began using drugs and has developed addictions to heroin, angel dust, and crack.

"Squeegee Kid" (06:14)

Blair Marsh, 25-years-old, earns around $20 an hour cleaning windshields. He and his friends live in an abandoned warehouse in Toronto's core. He boxed as a kid and has been in many street fights.

Father/Son Relationship (05:20)

Marsh has not seen his father, Ray, in a couple of years. Ray shows off his son's trophies and recalls his days as a promising boxer. Marsh's mother fled a violent relationship with her husband and Marsh ran away from home.

Spiritual Beliefs (04:00)

Marsh finds solace in Christian beliefs; he reads a passage from the Bible to his friends. During summer, more teenagers move to the streets and the warehouse reeks of rotting garbage and excrement.

Shaky Homecoming (06:46)

Bonneau misses her children and decides to return home. She lives in a rooming house, a few blocks from her mother's. Bonneau's mother Claudette refuses to believe her daughter requires treatment for drug use.

Drugs and Confrontation (08:11)

Marsh cannot find a room and stress triggers drug use. His father reflects on a boxing match. Marsh asks his father for help and they get into a physical altercation. Toronto police have begun targeting squeegee kids.

Back on the Streets (04:41)

Bonneau does not enjoy being in Peterborough. Her son is acting out and she does not believe she fits in with her family. She leaves and gives legal custody of her son to her mother.

Street Fight (05:37)

Marsh is offended by an offhand remark and assaults a fellow squatter. He later regrets his actions and realizes his victim could retaliate. He says he is no longer worried about survival and speaks of “letting go.”

Family Ties (05:18)

Bonneau believes she was a mistake, and that her mother did not want her. Her mother declares that she will never give up on her daughter. Marsh's father has decided to let his son go.

Credits: Turning Away (01:03)

Credits: Turning Away

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Turning Away is not another "day in the life of a street kid." Instead, it is a thorough examination of why young people end up on the street, what keeps them there, and what it takes to escape. We follow the subjects over time, and we will see how they deal with what most people would consider the simplest challenges.

Length: 60 minutes

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