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A Fragile Ecosystem (04:56)


On desert fringes, fertile soils and high temperatures created advantageous growing conditions with proper irrigation. When drought and overuse occurred in Draa Valley, farmers migrated, allowing for desertification. Almost two billion hectares, housing one billion people are at risk globally.

Desertification: Human Causes (07:42)

The Ouarzazate government built Barrage El Mansour Eddahbi, damming the River Draa in response to increasing populations and industries requirements; water shortages occurred down the valley. Over abstraction, overgrazing, and salinization put many semi arid areas at risk of desertification.

Climate Change and Desertification (04:51)

Increasing surface temperatures impact Earth's weather patterns; research indicates that industrialization has triggered global warming. Approximately 50 million farmers live in Sahel and the Horn of Africa. Well levels drop and rainfall decreases, creating climate refugees.

Preventing Desertification: Improving Water and Land Management (04:53)

Thirty years ago, weather conditions forced Erg Smar residents to relocate; desertification has taken much of the region. In 2012, one man started a project to reclaim his home. He installed a solar powered water pump, and used planting and irrigation techniques to prevent erosion.

Preventing Desertification: Reforestation (02:50)

Argan trees access deep ground waters and their properties prevent transpiration and desertification. Their seeds contain 60% oil, popular for health and beauty products. Increasing demands have triggered cooperative formations and grove planting; Tamanar orchards makes biosphere reserves.

Credits: Desertification: Causes, Impacts and Management (00:10)

Credits: Desertification: Causes, Impacts and Management

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Yahya's nomadic family has been forced off their land on the fringes of the Sahara, because of desertification. Through his story, this title considers the impacts of desertification and its causes, including: climate change, population pressure, over abstraction of water, overgrazing and salinisation. It then considers a range of responses including tree planting, the use of appropriate technology and the introduction of sustainable water and soil management strategies.

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