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How Sustainable Is Mumbai? (02:45)


Over the last century, Mumbai’s population has reached by 20 million; surrounding land has been logged and drained to accommodate urbanization. Mangrove stands and the Aarey Forest help maintain air quality, moderate temperatures, reduce carbon dioxide levels, filter river water, and provide recreational space.

Managing Mumbai's Solid Waste (05:23)

Mumbai produces 10,000 tons of trash daily; collection methods vary and are often inefficient. Ragpickers separate recyclable materials at rubbish tips, sending it to Dharavi for further processing. Landfills are at capacity; authorities have implemented programs to reduce waste.

Managing Mumbai's Sewage (06:19)

Mumbai was established two centuries ago; fishing was its main industry, but recent waterway pollution has killed marine life. Industries and slum residents illegally dump waste and sewage into rivers, producing toxic flows. In 2017, the city announced plans to update and expand treatment plants.

Keeping Mumbai Moving (08:23)

Mumbai fails to meet rapidly growing population transportation demands; its rail system is the most crowded in the world. Congested traffic contributes to air pollution; particulate levels are dangerously high. The Metro Master Plan is under construction and predicted to improve transit and smog by 2030.

Credits: Managing a Megacity (00:10)

Credits: Managing a Megacity

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Waste management and traffic congestion are two of the biggest environmental issues facing Mumbai’s urban planners as they struggle to meet the challenge of this megacity’s rapid growth. This title looks at the steps being taken to make the city more sustainable and asks can a new metro system be the answer to the city’s traffic problems?

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