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Introduction: A World of Difference (07:50)


Half of Mumbai’s rapidly growing population lives within 2,000 slums; the largest is Dharavi. Rural inhabitants have migrated to the area for years, constructing temporary housing near industrial areas; lack of planning makes providing utility services challenging and available space is minimal.

Economic Opportunities (06:37)

Rajesh Dyaneshwa Dhuri works for Reality Tours; Dharavi tourism is growing. The commercial zone includes stores, services, and food shops; established businesses provide formal jobs, but many work in the informal sector. Low-cost labor attracts manufacturing and recycling industries.

Challenges of Rapid Urbanization (05:41)

Dharavi growth was unplanned; many residents have access to electricity, but cables create unsafe webs near buildings. Residents wait for water that flows for two hours from public stand pipes. People rely on community toilets.

Community and Education (07:37)

Dhuri discusses the Dharavi lifestyle; he hopes to stay permanently. Free schooling is available until children turn 14, but many drop out to help family finances. Programs and classes are establishing to provide Mumbai residents with skills for better jobs.

Credits: Inside Dharavi (00:13)

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Travel inside India’s biggest slum and see what it’s really like to live and work there. This film explores the economic opportunities offered by Dharavi’s 10,000 different industries, the strong sense of community and why Dharavi has become India’s best education slum. The challenges of providing basic services like water, sewage disposal, electricity and sanitation to such a densely populated area are also considered.

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