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Sponsors: "Craft in America, Season 2: Process" (01:03)


Sponsors: "Craft in America, Season 2: Process"

Overview of Craft in America (01:45)

Teachers and students in the world of craftsmanship share their ideas about the process of learning.

Jewelry Artists (04:09)

Jewelry artists use found objects in their creations. Found objects include those from nature. Viewers observe the processes of creation.

Inspiration and Motivation (01:16)

Students at the 92nd Street Y are taught to have integrity in the idea that they want to manifest in their work. Students share stories that are important to them. From those stories will come inspiration for their work.

Career as Craftsperson (01:32)

Today it is difficult to start up a business as a craftsperson. One can network at crafts shows on local and national levels.

Art and Craft Classes (06:26)

At the 92nd Street Y, 1,500 classes are offered each year for craftspeople. Viewers observe jewelry making and silversmithing. Children and adults experiment with art media. Passion for creation and artistic expression will continue to flourish in human history.

Print Making (10:09)

An artists makes Japanese-style woodcut prints that look something like Hokusai prints. The artist is primarily influenced by the landscape around him. The artist walks viewers through the process of turning a sketch into a print.

Ceramic Art (11:07)

At the Kansas City Art Institute new students have the opportunity to play out their ideas in clay. Artists describe their feelings about working with clay. A student gives a glimpse at sixty years' worth of student work at the Institute.

Book Artist (06:28)

A book artist demonstrates some preparatory work for a pop-up book. She shares two of her pop-up books with viewers. Her books are for adults and carry important messages about life and the environment.

Cabinet and Furniture Making (09:32)

The North Bennet School, a school with a century's old tradition of teaching trades, offers eight programs that focus on hand skills. These include violin making, book binding, locksmithing, and piano technology.

Credits and Sponsors: "Craft in America, Season 2" (01:56)

Credits and Sponsors: "Craft in America, Season 2"

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Craft in America: Process

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Where do craft practices come from? How are they preserved? And how do today’s artists acquire the skills to carry on the handmade tradition? This two-section program visits instructors, apprentices, and the self-taught to survey both the roots and the flourishing branches of American craft. The artists featured in “Origins” honor African, Native American, and European sources as they pass age-old methods on to a new set of learners. Then, “Process” travels to the Kansas City Art Institute as part of an exploration of educational opportunities, and also talks to people choosing craft as a second career. Featured artists include a potter, bead worker, glass artist, jewelry maker, weaver, printmaker, and book artist. Part of the series Craft in America. Distributed by PBS Distribution. (60 minutes)

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