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Introduction and Corporate Sponsorship of "Craft in America, Season 1: Memory" (01:51)


Introduction and Sponsorship of "Craft in America, Season 1: Memory"

Craft: Modern Art Form (03:42)

Today's finest artists keep the traditions of craft vital in America. Craft is a modern art form. Viewers get a preview of woodworking, basketry, furniture making, and blacksmithing. Media include glass, clay, wood, fiber, and metal.

Industrial Revolution (00:53)

The Industrial Revolution ushered in a new age of production. Machinery replaced manual labor.

Arts and Crafts Movement (01:10)

The Arts and Crafts Movement rejected the notion that mass produced, machine-made objects were necessarily better for consumers. The movement advocated a return to well-made, handcrafted products. William Morris's designs are featured.

Woodworker Sam Maloof (07:43)

Ninety-year-old woodworker Sam Maloof tells his personal history as it relates to his lifelong interest in woodworking. He is guided by what he is inspired to make rather than by what is popular.

African-American Basket Weaving (05:16)

The art form of basketry originated in West Africa. African slaves continued to make baskets in the U.S., and slave owners came to see the value of the baskets. Today, the art form still unites many people in the African-American community.

Native American Basket Weaving (07:40)

A Native American weaver shows her Circle of Life baskets. They are cylindrical, having no beginning or end. To the weaver, the basket is a living entity. She demonstrates how she weaves intricate designs that she gathered from ancient baskets.

Furniture Maker (07:05)

Creative furniture maker Garry Knox Bennett designs pieces that are more works of art than they are functional. The artist recalls his days in Haight-Ashbury when he made roach clips, clocks, and then furniture.

Blacksmith (06:59)

Blacksmith Tom Joyce uses fragments of iron to create larger pieces. Of particular interest is a baptismal font. Joyce shows a young person how to forge tongs. The range of his abilities and imagination is evident in his work.

A Woodworker's Legacy (02:38)

Custom wood designer Sam Maloof shows viewers pieces he has made. He demonstrates how he burns his signature into the wood of each piece. He believes this his lineage will carry on his work.

Furniture Maker's Designs (01:54)

Furniture maker Garry Knox Bennett shows a series of chairs fixed to backgrounds on which he paints the chairs' shadows.

Conceptual Art: Iron Sculpture (02:36)

Blacksmith Tom Joyce uses scrap iron to forge new shapes. Of particular interest is a baptismal font made from individual pieces of iron donated by church members.

Basket Weavers (04:55)

A Native American woman's woven baskets are museum pieces. Each piece she designs and makes honors her ancestors. An African American's baskets are sculptural representations of her heritage.

Credits and Sponsors: "Craft in America, Season 1: Memory" (01:49)

Credits and Sponsors: "Craft in America, Season 1: Landscape"

Overview and Sponsors: "Craft in America, Season 1: Landscape" (01:50)

An overview of crafts and craftspeople covers a range of media.

Landscape Inspiration (09:38)

Artists look to the world around them for inspiration. An artist incorporates plant materials and stones in her metal sculptures. Viewers observe this artist in her workshop making jewelry from readily available materials.

Clay Artist (07:18)

A clay artist is inspired by Mexican culture and pottery. Viewers observe the artist at work in his studio and in Nature. The artist uses hundreds of colors in his artistic expressions as exemplified in his Tree of Life designs.

WPA Project (04:37)

Timberline Lodge is an example of how craft draws inspiration from the landscape and can become part of the landscape as well. The lodge was built by WPA workers during the Depression. The interiors reflect Nature.

Crafts and Restoration (03:33)

Restoration of Timberline Lodge revived interest in crafts. Textile workers, carpenters, blacksmiths, and more united to recreate the lodge in its original design and with original materials.

Desert Landscape (07:35)

Kit Carson, jeweler and sculptor, takes inspiration from his desert surroundings as well as from the Art Nouveau movement.

Wooden Furniture Design (08:53)

One of the formative designers of the 20th century, George Nakashima builds furniture with American country, Shaker, and Japanese design elements. He looked for the spirit of a tree and its wood. His daughter carries on the Nakashima style legacy.

Political Landscape of Art (09:24)

Richard Notkin's art includes war protest works. Early influences on Notkin include the realities of Nazi concentration camps. He creates clay ears of all sizes. Viewers observe the artist at work.

Passion for Art (01:35)

The voices of artists confirm their passion and motivation for their particular medium. Previews of the next broadcast are included.

Credits and Sponsors: "Craft in America, Season 1: Landscape" (01:49)

Credits and Sponsors: "Craft in America, Season 1: Landscape"

Overview and Sponsors: "Craft in America, Season 1: Community" (01:50)

Craftspeople share their experiences among a community of artists who work in the spirit of cooperation.

Art and Community (01:54)

Humankind's earliest association with art may have been the embellishment of tools and weapons. Humans formed communities to maximize survival. Crafts connect us to other times, people, and places.

Quilting (09:26)

To celebrate the traditional art of quilting, quilters in a Mississippi town brought women together to learn the art. An African-American woman's quilt designed with scenes of her life earns her a trip to Washington, D.C. The Aids Quilt is the ultimate community quilting project.

Weaving Revival (06:27)

The Penland School of Crafts has a tradition of communities of artists working together to advance their skills. It was first created to bring women together to learn to weave. Artists thrive in the communal work environment.

Ceramic Artist (06:25)

Potter Sarah Jaeger's pottery studio attracts many visitors. She and many other artists first came together at the Archie Bray Foundation. They continue to work as a community to enhance their art.

Glass Art: Studio Glass Movement (08:35)

In 1962, Harvey Littleton created the studio furnace, and the American Studio Glass Movement was born. A new generation of glass artists, including Dale Chihuly created the Pilchuck Glass School. Viewers watch glass artists at work.

Jewelry Artist (08:54)

Alaskan jeweler Denise Wallace creates jewelry that represents the culture and community of native people. A lapidary artist places stones in silver jewelry.

Birch Bark Artist (07:45)

An artist weaves and sews birch bark together to make baskets and containers of all kinds. Her work is decorative rather than functional. Her husband crafts silver jewelry.

Craft Show (03:08)

Craft shows give artists opportunities to interact with the public and with each other in a community atmosphere.

Credits: "Craft in America, Season 1" (00:47)

Credits: "Craft in America, Season 1"

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More than just a manufacturer of goods, the craftsperson is an artist who draws on a bountiful lineage to create objects that are as beautiful as they are useful. This three-section program profiles a variety of craft artists to explore the origins, techniques, and significance of that process. “Memory” provides a historical overview, and then introduces craftspeople whose work is informed by their personal heritage. The influence of environment, whether natural, social, or political, is considered in “Landscape.” And the emotional bond of crafters to their world is the subject of “Community,” with visits to the Penland School of Crafts and the Smithsonian Craft Show. Featured artists include a quilter, basket weaver, blacksmith, jewelry maker, ceramic artist, furniture maker, and glass artist. Part of the series Craft in America. Distributed by PBS Distribution. 

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