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The Pitch: Myriam Francois (03:47)


Success is currently measured within capitalistic ideas. The feminist struggle is part of a wider quest for equality. The #MeToo movement is a good example of how feminism principles could be co-opted.

The Pitch: Rowan Pelling (03:43)

Women need to support others even if it is "feminism light;" the two are not incompatible. Stormy Daniels is the person most likely to bring down an anti-feminist.

The Pitch: Emma Sulkowicz (05:13)

People will try to co-opt the feminist movement to make money. Sulkowicz describes creating a viral performance piece after a man who raped her went free. Careerism as an accusation against a woman stems from societal expectations.

Do Social Movements Have to Be Pragmatic to Be Successful?: Francois (05:11)

Not all feminists are moving towards the same goal. Not all visible events usher in change; women are not allowed to be angry. Within the movement, some individuals do not understand how their campaign affects other agendas.

Do Social Movements Have to Be Pragmatic to Be Successful?: Pelling (03:04)

Pelling describes how Margaret Thatcher becoming prime minister was a great success for the women's movement. Feminism should not aim to replicate male patterns of success.

Do Social Movements Have to Be Pragmatic to Be Successful?: Sulkowicz (05:35)

It is important to abstain from moral judgment and support those who are new to the movement. Sulkowicz describes trying to follow the rules after being raped.

Do Social Movements Have to Be Pragmatic to Be Successful?: Men (02:05)

Panelists discuss the differences between male and female paradigms. Men are not allowed to express their feelings.

Are Feminism and Capitalism Incompatible? (06:45)

Everything is commercialized but there is no viable alternative. Family is more important than market-driven success. Feminists should raise questions about the methods and goals of those women in leadership.

Gender Fluidity (02:54)

Sulkowicz identifies as transgender and uses the pronoun "they." Share on an individual level. Listen in the same proportion as you speak.

What Will an Equal World Look Like (03:43)

Panelists discuss their vision of gender equality. Women should not live in fear of rape, violence, or domestic abuse. Instill patience and persistence.

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Dreams of Equality: What Does Mainstream Feminism Promise

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From music charts to executive boards, feminism is certainly in fashion. Yet some argue that once radical feminist ideas for the future have been harnessed for commercial gain. Are Beyonce and Simone de Beauvoir feminists really on the same side? How much do the second, third and fourth wave feminists share? Do successful women who make it to the top like Margaret Thatcher or Sheryl Sandberg risk reinforcing a man's world while doing little about gender inequality? Or as feminism eradicates current forms of gender inequality are new forms of social division inevitably created? The Panel of TV Presenter and academic Myriam Francois, former editor of the Erotic Review Rowan Pelling and performance artist Emma Sulkowicz explore the complexities of feminism, gender and inequality today.

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