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Creating a New Language (03:25)


New stories can propel social and cultural change. Auto-biographical memoirs are important ways for individuals to share their stories of abuse. Linda Woodhead discusses how young girls who were abused in a church had no words to describe the encounter.

Creating Safe Spaces (03:39)

"Healing Tasks: Psychotherapy with Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse" describes how memories become disconnected from awareness and narrative history. Great Britain has been taking children, women, and homosexuals with more respect. Woodhead discusses charitable organizations that looked out for social justice issues that were not considered crimes.

Claims of Abuse (02:33)

Woodhead discusses the founding of the National Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Children. The Children Act of 1989 is the legal rules for England and Wales.

Influence of the Media (04:30)

Woodhead discusses Irish television's assistance with issues surrounding the Catholic Church, Esther Rantzen, and movies. Social media enables individuals to build social groups based on personal experience. #MeToo is not orchestrated. Sociologists and Psychologists agree personal values are established by the time one turns 18; children drive social change.

Educating Children (06:35)

Woodhead discusses changes in education since the 19th Century. "For your Own Good" exposes a poisonous pedagogy. It is legal in Great Britain for parents to issue a physical correction; children need to be supported and nurtured.

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How We Came to #Metoo: Why Have Sexual Accusations Reached a New High?

Part of the Series : Institute of Art and Ideas: Feminist Futures
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Sexual abuse accusations have a reached a new high. Why now? Leading British sociologist Linda Woodhead investigates.

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