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Introduction: Return to Radical 70s Feminism: Has Contemporary Feminism Lost Its Way? (02:38)


After reviving the tradition, the London Feminist Network hosts the Reclaim the Night March annually. "Radical Feminism" contains surveys from over 100 feminist activists across the United Kingdom. Finn Mackay advocates for violence prevention and women's rights.

Roots of Reclaim the Night (05:49)

Inspirations include Speak Out, the International Tribunal on Crimes against Women, Berlin's March, and Take Back the Night. In 1975, Al Garthwaite organizes Chapeltown Women's Liberation Group.

First Reclaim the Night March (05:08)

The Women's Information Retrieval and Inquiry Service (WIRES) reports about the West German march in 1977. Revolutionary Feminism is a British term and is similar to radical feminism. Themes to the march include fight rape and every woman has the right to walk alone at night without fear.

Third or Fourth Wave of Feminism (03:54)

Each new decade analyzes the previous one to make adjustments and tends to ignore its successes. The London Feminist Network holds an annual conference. Changes to feminist activism include a more professional appearance, influenced by new labor, and funding requirements.

Feminist Fractures (06:54)

There is no one definition of feminism. Mackay discusses the controversies surrounding the sex laws in the 1980s, prostitution, whether marches should be women only, the decline of women-only space, and transgender issues.

Impact of Reclaim the Night (03:51)

Surveys show that young women view public space as male and feel empowered after marching. No one wants to be seen as a victim.

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Return to Radical 70s Feminism: Has Contemporary Feminism Lost Its Way?

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Has contemporary feminism lost its way? London Feminist Network founder Finn Mackay brings 70s radicalism into the 21st century.

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