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An Unexpected Transhumanist (02:13)


Nicky Ashwell demonstrates functions of her bionic hand and reflects on discovering a community of people attracted to amputees.

Body Integrity Identity Disorder (03:56)

Ashwell discusses people who want to amputate healthy limbs. Psychologist John Money categorized this phenomenon as a paraphilia, but a U.K. doctor sees similarities to gender dysphoria. Ashwell quotes a woman who believes her legs do not belong to her.

Cyborgs (04:37)

Cybernetics refers to augmenting and enhancing ability; bionics refers to replacing a lost function. At BodyHacking Con, wellness enthusiasts implant fitness microchips. At Borgfest, people embrace voluntary amputation, bionic body parts, and the idea of superseding human ability.

The Rejectors (02:36)

Disability Now is a group concerned that bionic enhancement threatens their identity. Ashwell was born with one hand and struggled internally with getting a bionic hand. Bionic technology is creating a dichotomy between disability and super-ability.

The Super Elite (01:58)

Marcus Room will compete in the Rio Olympics with a prosthetic leg. Critics argue he has an unfair advantage. Paralympic hopeful and amputee Danielle Bradshaw wants her other leg removed to improve her performance by using two blades.

Transhumanist Party (03:35)

Amon Twyman believes humanity will eventually desire physical technological enhancement. Ashwell reflects on adapting to her bionic hand, including forming a physical and emotional attachment to it.

Credits: Transhumanism: Rise of the Cyborgs (00:21)

Credits: Transhumanism: Rise of the Cyborgs

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Transhumanism: Rise of the Cyborgs

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Society now accepts gender and sexuality as fluid. Is the fluidity of the human body the next step forward? Bionic hand user and transhumanist Nicky Ashwell envisions the future.

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