Segments in this Video

Wernher von Braun (02:44)


Ed Buckbee reflects on von Braun and the involvement of Germans in the U.S. space program. Von Braun denies any loyalty to Hitler or the German cause.

Reactions to Space Science (03:51)

Societal changes occur while NASA focuses on the space program. Frank Borman recalls negative reactions at college campuses and European responses; he appreciates Soviet science.

Soviet Space Program (03:21)

Sergei Korolev's death impact's the program. Sergei Khrushchev believes the program was doomed from the start; the N1 explodes during testing. Borman believes the Soviets intend to continue their space program.

Apollo 11 Crew (05:38)

Members include Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins; the first to step on the moon is undecided. Aldrin recalls the publicity and his mother's death. Collins will not step on the moon.

Lunar Module Training (03:02)

Bill Anders recalls the accident that nearly killed Armstrong. Another test pilot crashes six months later; crashes on the moon are possible.

Planned Summer Launches (07:05)

The Soviet unmanned lunar project, Luna 15, will collect soil samples. A million people gather at Cape Kennedy for the Apollo 11 flight; Ralph Abernathy leads a group of protestors. George Alexander reflects on humankind's desire to explore.

Pre-Launch Readiness (07:20)

Aldrin speaks to the press. The Apollo 11 crew arrives at the launch pad and boards the spacecraft; people around the world prepare to watch the televised launch.

Apollo 11 Launch (04:51)

Theo Kamecke recalls the large number of people at the launch control center and the smell of fear; liftoff is successful. Saturn rockets have a 100% success rate.

CBS News Coverage (05:05)

Joel Banow discusses broadcasting the Apollo 11 mission and using simulations; he hires Doug Trumbull. The astronauts prepare to launch the lunar module.

Lunar Orbit (05:40)

Luna 15 and Apollo 11 orbit the moon; see footage of the astronauts. Aldrin reflects on crew personalities. The crew descends lunar orbit and prepares to detach "Eagle" from the command module.

Lunar Landing (11:08)

The crew initiates undocking and "Eagle" begins its descent. Television viewers see a simulation, but hear live commentary. Despite brief alarms and low fuel, the module lands on the lunar surface.

Moon Walk (05:58)

Luna 15 lands 500 miles from the Apollo 11 landing site. Armstrong leaves "Eagle" and becomes the first man to step on the moon. He describes the lunar surface.

Men on the Moon (07:10)

Two cameras record the lunar surface. Aldrin emerges from "Eagle"; he reflects on the experience. People around the world watch Aldrin and Armstrong unveil a plaque.

Lunar Activities (05:34)

Aldrin and Armstrong plant the American flag and speak to President Nixon. People around the world watch the lunar events. Aldrin demonstrates various movements.

Leaving the Lunar Surface (07:10)

Armstrong and Aldrin have one chance for the ascent engine to work. Luna 15 crashes on the moon. "Eagle" docks with the mother ship. Khrushchev recalls learning about the landing.

Mission Accomplished (04:34)

Apollo 11 splashes down in the Pacific Ocean; experts discuss contamination. The crew spends several days in an isolation chamber and speaks with President Nixon.

National Heroes (05:57)

The Apollo 11 crew makes many public appearances around the world and attends press conferences. Collins reflects on using the space program to promote unity.

NASA Space Program (04:58)

Officials need to decide next steps after the lunar landing; Von Braun wants to land on Mars. Excitement for the Apollo Program wanes and Apollo 17 is the last flight.

Future In Space (07:36)

NASA faces budget cuts; those who worked on the Apollo guidance computer build the computer industry. Experts reflect on the future of the space program and reaching Mars.

Credits: Magnificent Desolation (02:03)

Credits: Magnificent Desolation

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