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Reducing the Prison Population (05:17)


"Frontline" follows four people on parole in Connecticut. Jessica Proctor will leave prison after eight and half years. Erroll Brantley is released after serving 20 months for drug possession and burglary; he violates the terms of his probation the first day.

Dept. of Corrections Supervision (04:44)

One third of all parolees violate the terms of their parole and are re-incarcerated. Mike Lawlor advocates for more chances. Officer Katherine Montana works at a unit devoted to the needs of women. Proctor does not think she needs supervision and wants to reconnect with her son.

Substance Abuse Treatment House (03:35)

Sullivan will stay at the facility for a month and informs his daughter he will be home on May 7th; Raeann shares pictures from her father. Raeann's mother Kelly and Sullivan reflect on the absence of a parent.

Life after Parole (04:16)

After a conviction for armed robbery, Vaughn Gresham will undergo a 90-day program at Watkinson House. Halfway houses help parolees find employment, save money, and return to society.

Brantley's Parole Violation (03:41)

Brantley's drug test is positive. Pawlich decides to enroll him in an intensive outpatient program instead of sending him back to jail. Brantley continues to use and checks himself into a 30 day detox program.

Gresham's Parole Violation (04:23)

Gresham receives a misconduct report after returning late from a job-training program. Officer Brayfield takes Gresham's phone and learns he was drinking at the halfway house. Gresham is re-incarcerated.

Sullivan's Parole Violation (05:43)

Regardless of punishment and rehabilitation attempts, some people continue to commit crimes. Sullivan is frustrated because the halfway house controls the money he earns. He flees the halfway house, but turns himself in a week later.

Proctor's Parole Violation (03:42)

Parolees often get into trouble after completing treatment. Proctor tests positive for marijuana. Montoya suggests she take time off from school if it becomes too stressful. Proctor worries about her son.

Parole Officer Meeting (03:29)

Brantley arrives at the parole office with his girlfriend Eaton, frustrating Pawlich; contact with previous crime victims is not allowed. Pawlich orders a GPS tracking device and a halfway house.

Cheyney House (02:32)

Brantley describes the rampant drug use in the neighborhood. Another parolee overdoses on heroin inside the halfway house.

Notice of Parole Violation (02:27)

Officer Brayfield explains Gresham's violations. Gresham says his drinking does not cause harm to anyone and he does not understand why he was re-incarcerated.

Parolee Progress (06:25)

Proctor explains why she enrolled in school; an instructor congratulates her on her grades. After living in his own apartment and receiving permission to contact Eaton, Brantley starts using heroin. Sullivan completes his prison sentence before his daughter's birthday.

Credits: Life on Parole (01:02)

Credits: Life on Parole

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Follow former prisoners through the challenges of their first year on parole. With unique access, the film goes inside the effort to change the way parole works in Connecticut and reduce the number of people returning to prison.

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