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Investigating Sex Abuse Allegations (06:02)


Government soldiers rounded up teenage girls and gang-raped them in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Annie was paid one dollar by a United Nations peacekeeper for sex. Didier Bourguet compensated go-betweens to provide young girls and was arrested in Goma.

UN Reaction (04:31)

Zeid Ra'ad al Hussein wrote a report criticizing investigations into sexual abuse and recommended holding courts-martial within the country where the crime took place. The UN could not conduct its own trials and member states shielded their own peacekeepers. A French judge convicted Didier of the rape of two minors and sentenced him to prison.

Central African Republic Sexual Abuse (04:18)

Individuals in South Sudan, Ivory Coast, and Haiti have reported sexual exploitation and abuse by peacekeepers. Operation Sangaris' mission was to stop a potential genocide. Two French soldiers raped Daniella inside a refugee camp when she was ten-years-old.

Code Blue NGO (05:58)

An internal report detailed allegations against 20 peacekeepers; the UN Secretary-general established an independent inquiry. French investigators examined allegations against the Red Devils. Marie Grimaud is appealing the decision to abandon the case against the soldiers.

New Head of Peacekeeping (04:59)

UN appointed Parfait Onanga-Anyanga and General Balla Keita. In response to tens of thousands of citizens fleeing their homes to escape rape and killing in Bambari, the UN deployed troops from the Congo in the Central African Republic. Manda was raped by a soldier and became pregnant.

New Allegations (02:47)

Anthony Banbury resigned after realizing that the UN was failing its mission. The Democratic Republic of Congo peacekeepers were expelled; 14 soldiers were tried for rape.

New Secretary-General (03:14)

Antonio Guterres announced fighting sexual abuse was a priority and visited CAR. The UN military police visited barracks to ensure curfew was being observed and there were no women or children nearby. General Balla Keita asked his soldiers to not have sex for a year.

New Case in Bambari (05:31)

Mauritanian Peacekeepers raped a young woman and left her barely conscious. Mauricette stopped leaving home out of fear; she has not heard about her case in two months. Jane Holl Lute, Special Coordinator on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, agrees that it is unacceptable that Mauricette has not heard anything from the UN.

Zero-Tolerance Message (03:19)

Adama Ndao leads a team encouraging victims to report sexual exploitation and abuse. Francine describes how her boss, a civilian peacekeeper, expected sexual relations.

Paternity Claims (04:09)

The UN established a trust fund providing support for young mothers and peacekeeper children. A box has been erected for woman to drop off allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation. William Swing promised support to Bourguet's victims.

Ten Years After Hussein's Report (02:40)

Secretaries-General have supported recommendations contained to improve criminal accountability but have not convinced member states. UN Representatives from France, Congo, and Mauritania refused to be interview.

Interviewing Bourguet (03:15)

After completing his prison sentence, Bourguet is homeless. Finding children to have sexual relations with was easy. Since filming, Daniella, Manda, Valerie, and Francine have been in contact with the UN.

Credits: UN Sex Abuse Scandal (00:59)

Credits: UN Sex Abuse Scandal

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