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Fleeing War and Poverty (03:35)


Over 1.5 million refugees and migrants have smuggled themselves to the West since 2015. In Europe and American, attitudes toward refugees are changing and borders are tighter.

Belgrade, Serbia (08:24)

Hungary closed its borders to refugees and migrants in 2015, leaving thousands stuck in Serbia. Azizzulah lives among more than a thousand people, mostly young Afghan men, staying in abandoned railway buildings.

Malakasa Camp, Greece (08:06)

Macedonia shut its borders to migrants and refugees in March 2016, leaving thousands stranded in Greece. Afghanis Nazifa and Lateef left their homeland a year ago with their family; they seek asylum in Germany.

Germany (11:43)

Germany has allowed over one million refugees and migrants into the country since 2015, but entry is now more difficult. Tarek arrived in Germany 11 months ago with his family; they received an apartment and German lessons.

Serbia: Refugees (05:17)

Of the 7,500 refugees and migrants in Serbia, only 10 can cross the border each day. Migrants complain of poor treatment and property confiscation. Azizzulah prepares to cross the border to meet his smuggler in Hungary.

Athens (06:11)

Nazifa prepares to travel eight hours to meet a smuggler who says he will provide a fake passport and take her to the airport. She is afraid it will take her family years to join her. Nafiza gets caught and is sent back.

Northern Iraq (03:19)

Saed has lived in a refugee camp since fleeing ISIS three years ago. His brother, Tamir, a translator for the Americans, received a U.S. visa before President Donald Trump banned travel from seven mainly Muslim countries.

Lincoln, Nebraska (03:39)

Tamir and his wife are dismayed by Trump’s travel ban. Tamir describes his work for the U.S. Army and displays an image of a fellow translator that he believes was killed by ISIS.

Northern Iraq: Atrocity (04:49)

ISIS massacred around 3,000 Yazidis and kidnapped over 6,000 in August 2014. Captured women were sold into sexual slavery. Saed visits his old neighborhood and the ruins of his family home.

Malakasa Camp: Afghani Family (03:45)

Nazifa has given birth to her baby in Greece, despite plans to have him in Germany. Her family cannot return to the dangers in Afghanistan. Lateef becomes emotional as he recalls the death of his cousins.

Helsinki, Finland (12:21)

Sadiq has been seeking asylum since arriving in 2015, but the country rejects about half of all applicants. He recalls his life in Afghanistan before he was targeted by the Taliban.

Morocco (09:25)

Spain controls two enclaves on the tip of the country. Moussa has traveled 2,000 miles from Guinea and hopes to reach them. Hiding in the woods, "The Government” trains migrants to storm the fence.

Serbia and Germany: Refugees (09:26)

Azizzulah’s eighth attempt to sneak across the border into Hungary has gone awry. In Germany, Tarek watches anti-fascist protestors clash with Alternative for Germany. Isra’a is adjusting to life in Germany.

Greece to Germany (05:36)

Lateef has borrowed money to smuggle Nazifa and their baby into Germany. Nazifa is confident she can look after herself and face the responsibilities she faces.

Serbia to Spain (03:50)

Azizzulah pays a new smuggler that has connections with long-distance truckers. He hides in a container for a few days and makes it to Spain. He is happy, but he must find a job.

Helsinki, Finland: Asylum (04:02)

Sadiq is afraid he will be arrested and sent back to Afghanistan if his appeal for asylum is not sent to a sovereign office within two days and visits his lawyer. He watches Finnish nationalists protest refugees.

Germany: Xenophobia Rising (02:56)

Right-wing nationalist parties have been elected to the parliaments of 24 European countries. Alternative for Germany is the first such party to win seats in the German Bundestag in more than half a century. Nazifa is applying for asylum.

Helsinki, Finland, Immigrant Fates (04:27)

A sovereign court has taken Sadiq’s case. He and his family still try to obtain U.S. visas. Nazifa decides to surrender herself to police. Around a million people in Europe wait for asylum decisions.

Credits: Exodus: The Journey Continues (01:02)

Credits: Exodus: The Journey Continues

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The intimate stories of refugees and migrants, caught in Europe's tightened borders. Amid the ongoing migration crisis, the film follows personal journeys over two years, as countries become less welcoming to those seeking refuge.

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