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Introduction: Bring the Sun Home (03:17)


Bunker Roy founded Barefoot College in Tilonia, India to bring clean light to rural areas. Every six months, 40 women arrive to learn solar engineering. Latin Americans joined the project in 2012.

Student Selection (03:20)

Roy discusses why he chooses mature women to learn solar engineering. He asserts his biggest setback is changing mindsets.

Solar Engineering Trainees (06:29)

A Barefoot College class travels to Ajmer to register. Students recall Roy assessing their communities and for the program. Solar Engineer Jeni hopes to tell future grandchildren about her travels. In Peru, she signs out panels for rural homes.

Instruction Through Language Barriers (06:45)

Jeni admits to not understanding anything on the first day of class. At the New Campus Theater, Barefoot College puts a musical puppet show on for students. Guman and Guruji discuss being intimidated by technology,and learning through perseverance.

Creating Community Leaders (05:28)

Joy explains rationale behind bringing women to India for six months to learn solar engineering. In Peru, Jeni and Paula ride to Turunturu and Tacalaya, meeting with residents before installing solar panels and providing instruction.

Student Struggles (03:47)

At Barefoot College, students learn circuitry component names; many struggle with English. Teacher Magan recalls learning solar engineering, overcoming anxieties. and against Purdah rule to accomplish her goals.

Student Accomplishments (10:27)

Jeni repairs circuitry in a rural home. Paula and her husband discuss how her education benefits their family. They install solar panels for Talacaya residents. At Barefoot College, student comprehension increases as subjects become more technical.

Solar Energy Expectations (06:12)

Barefoot College's mission is to provided basic electric needs to impoverished communities. When villagers want more devices, they can pay engineers to install more panels. Jeni repairs a fused circuit board; she and Paula equip several rural Peruvian homes.

Solar Engineering Outreach (05:27)

Jeni and Paula reminisce about college; the experience revolutionized their lives. In Talacaya, they instruct residents on how to use and recharge solar equipment. They and other Barefoot Solar Engineers have installed 350 panels; worldwide, the program has provided 350,000 homes with light.

Credits: Bring the Sun Home (02:05)

Credits: Bring the Sun Home

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This documentary charts the journey of illiterate women from villages around the world with no electricity, who attend a course in India to learn how to make solar panels. They don't speak English, but they are determined to learn the technology, so they can help their communities back home. Those who have completed the course have returned to their villages and brought the sun home to more than 300,000 people.

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