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What is Social Business? (02:10)


Prof. Muhammad Yunus proposes entrepreneurial solutions to social problems. Bangladesh is home to several hundred companies with a social business model. Yunus promotes the concept based on the selfless part of humanity.

Contaminated Drinking Water (04:51)

Grameen Bank is the basis for Yunus' concept of social business. In Bangladesh, local investment can solve many social problems, including providing clean drinking water. Yunus seeks support of a French company that specializes in water treatment.

Economic, Social and Environmental Council of France (03:01)

At the CESE, Yunus discusses partnering with Veolia to provide clean drinking water in Bangladesh. Jean-Paul Delevoye recognizes the need for society to be based on solidarity and economy based on sharing.

Social Business: Veolia (08:02)

Yunus informs villagers about the partnership to provide clean drinking water; he reflects on transforming charity. Workers install water treatment equipment and villagers debate paying for clean water. Nicolas Hulot considers making the economy at the service of the people.

Business Networks (03:50)

Social business allows Grameen Marketing Network to expand, increase income for women, promote empowerment, and offer lower cost products. Local vendors, like Mabia Khatun, sell products in various villages.

Social Impact (03:02)

Grameen Credit Agricole Microfinance Foundation supports social business projects based on cultural activities in Cambodia. Experts discuss Phare Ponleu Selpak's arts and education ventures.

Grameen Danone (05:22)

The company focuses on the millions of malnourished children in Bangladesh. Yunus speaks to an audience about social business. Factory workers reflect on company advantages.

Loans and Repayment (03:26)

A woman describes how her life has changed after obtaining a loan from Grameen Bank to purchase cows. Borrowers can repay loans by selling milk to Grameen Danone. Women reflect on providing for their families.

Shakti Yogurt (06:02)

A delivery man brings product to women who then travel to villages to promote sales and inform residents of nutritional benefits; one woman earns approximately 1,200 takas a month. Several children eat yogurt.

Advantages of Social Business (02:34)

Franck Riboud cites benefits for Grameen Danone. Businesses that want to adopt a social business model need to have long-term vision. Sarah Mariotte-Tirmarche discusses reconciling social and environmental issues.

Bogra, Bangladesh (05:03)

Grameen Danone has had little impact on business for traditional yogurt makers. Experts reflect on adapting strategies to local conditions. Grameen Veolia Water and Grameen Danone are expanding their markets to meet costs and encourage sustainable development.

Healthcare and Social Business (06:41)

Villagers visit a free vision health camp for evaluation. Yunus discusses the business model of an eye care hospital and establishing a nursing college; a patient checks in for surgery. Director Qazi Mesbahul Alam discusses hospital expansion.

Social/Economic Project (05:25)

A social business model provides hope. Maria Nowak disagrees that multinational companies have become charity organizations; their goal is not to eradicate poverty. Riboud reflects on staying within the project framework and reaction to crisis.

Credits: Social Business (00:56)

Credits: Social Business

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Social business is one that uses business to solve social problems. Equity holders may gradually recoup their investments, costs, and profits without taking dividends. Bangladeshi Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus shows how this works across the business spectrum, including multinational companies, very small enterprises, and even a circus company in Cambodia.

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